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Yaakov Astor is author of, Soul Searching: Seeking Scientific Foundation for the Jewish Tradition of an Afterlife, by Targum Press. A former yeshiva teacher and principal, who has also taught in various kiruv/outreach capacities, he has written or edited more than 20 books, including Sefer Nehemiah and Trei Asar, Vol. 1, in the ArtScroll Tanach Series. He has been a frequent contributor to Aish.com, the largest Jewish content site on the web, and has also published numerous articles over the years in The Jewish Observer, Mishpachah Magazine, Yated Ne'eman and other publications.


  • The Hidden Hand:Uncovering Divine Providence in Major Events of the 20th Century
  • Soul Searching: Seeking Scientific Ground for the Jewish Tradition of an Afterlife
  • Chapters in Daring To Dream (Agudath Israel)
  • Chapter in Ashes To Renewal (Agudath Israel)
  • Chapter in Pathways to Spiritual Growth (NCSY)


  •  Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (writer/editor for Rabbi Shmuel Waldman)
  • Torah Umesorah Holocaust Curriculum Guide (with Rabbi Joseph Elias)

WRITER (based on the tapes and lectures of Rabbi Ezriel Tauber)






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