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Dr. Stevenson is the foremost researcher into life-death issues. Earning his MD from McGill University in Montreal in 1943, he graduated at the top of his class. In 1957, at the age of 39, he became head of the department of psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. From there he began his research into reports of children who remembered past lives, and eventually gave up his administrative duties to become a full-time researcher of paranormal phenomena. His body of work – consisting of some 3,000 cases – is characterized by its meticulous documentation and cross-checking.

“A rational man can, if he wants now, believe in reincarnation on the basis of religious doctrine or cultural tradition.”

Ian Stevenson, MD

(In “Reincarnation: A Doctor Looks Beyond Death,” by Alton Slagle; New York Sunday News, August 4, 1974)


“…I argue that some of the cases do much more than suggest reincarnation; they seem to me to furnish considerable evidence for it.” 

20 Cases Suggestive Of Reincarnation