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“For three days [after death] the soul hovers over the body, intending to reenter it, but as soon as it sees [the] appearance [of its face] change [i.e. noticeable decay begins to set in] it departs…”

Leviticus Rabbah


 “All the seven days of mourning the soul goes forth and returns from its home [on earth] to its paradise-like abode, and from its paradise-like abode to its [former] home.”

Pirkei D’Rebbi Eliezer


“While the body is in existence and the soul ascends and descends [between paradise and the physical world]; after twelve months the body decays and the soul ascends and descends no more.”

Shabbos 152b


“The dead one knows all that is said in its presence until the grave is filled in…. [Another opinion:] Until the flesh rots away.”

Shabbos 152b