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My father, R' Chaim Benyamin ben R' Yaakov Reuven, o'h, passed away on 15 Elul, 5764. Among the many things he taught us through his very being was love of and respect for Seforim (Torah/Holy Books). We have therefore set up a Book/Seforim Fund for those who wish to make a donation in dedication of his loving memory. These seform/books will be used for prayer and Torah learning. To make the donation contact us at astor613@msn.com or send your check to:
Chaim Benyamin Astor Seforim Fund
c/o Yaakov Astor
6 S. Rigaud Rd.
Spring Valley, NY 10977

Eulogy for R' Chaim Benyamin ben R' Yaakov Reuven.