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Where's the Justice?

QUESTION: Where's the justice in really bad people, like terrorists, many of whom enjoy a nice life, living and then dying happy in the knowledge they murdered someone for their cause. Is that their reward from God for being so good in a past life?
ANSWER: First, terrorists, I don’t believe, are any different than any other group of people in that they live the entire spectrum of lives: some more comfortable than others. If anything, I would say even the most well-off of them live very nerve-wracking lives, always wondering about being bumped off or dying in a terror act. Furthermore, if they do, in fact, live relatively good lives it may have nothing to do with a past life. The Talmud, for instance, talks about the evil Nebuchadnezzar, who nevertheless merited becoming king (which theoretically amounts to a “good” life, even though he lived like a literal animal for a number of years as the Book of Daniel recounts) due to a good act he performed in this life.


The fact that terrorists may think they are going to heaven for their act has no bearing on the principle of Divine Justice. Just like any other “bad person to whom good things happen” there will be a reckoning in the Next World, the World of Truth. They will meet their Maker and face the consequences of their actions – despite what they believed or thought or felt while they lived in this world.