Basic processing with Images Plus
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Added the below process for taking flats and adding to calibration process.

Take at least 10 flats, 20 or 30 are better.
Set the iso at 200 and adjust the shutter speed until the exposure meter in the viewfinder reads midpoint...neither over nor underexposed. Exposure time will
vary depending on the light source.
Take your flats and RAW convert them in ImagesPlus.
Average Combine your flats and save as MasterFlat.
Display combined image and Click on COLOR on the toolbar.
Click on Luminance and Gamma
Click on APPLY. Your MasterFlat will be automatically converted to grayscale...very important.
Save image and add to your calibration setup menu.


Open--File Click on--Canon DSLR Raw file development-- This brings you to the Raw File Conversion Menu

Build MasterDark--Select your dark frames from "Canon Raw File
Conversion" window "Open"
Select output file type--Lossless 16 bit FITS
Select white balance type--Canon WB
Select Converted File Output--Choose a file to save your coverted
Press--"Convert"...Raws are converted to FITS
Press--"Combine"...New window opens
Select Combination Method--Usually average or median
Select-- Combination Image Output Directory (Same as
Converted Files)
"Combined File Name" type MasterDark
Press--"Combine" to combine Darks
Press "Done".....back to "conversion" menu
Press--"Select New Input"... Select all your light frames

From top menu press "Calibrate Images"--Select "Setup"...
Calibration Setup Menu
Select--"Standard Dark"
Press--"From Disk"....Click on your "MasterDark"
Press--"Done"....back to Raw conversion menu

Press--"Calibrate"... Light frames are dark frame calibrated
From here you can press "Grade" and check focus quality of your
images... select the files you want to keep
Press "Align TSR"

TSR Menu--Press"Correlate"
Check off "Common Point Or Star"
Click on image to make it active
Frame a star in the box cross hairs...hold down "shift" key press is selected
Click onTSR Menu--Uncheck "Common Point or Star"...Check
"Common Angle..."
Click on image to make it active
Frame a star in the box cross hairs...hold down "shift" key press is selected (the two boxes should be at
selected at opposite sides of the image)
Press--"Align" If all images don't align change the "Correlation
Parameter Setup values higher

Combine Files Menu--Select combine type...start with "Average"
then experiment from there
Select output directory
Press--"Combine"...THE FUN PART
Press--"Display Combination"
Your final image is displayed...From here just go into Digital
Developement and have fun!!!

Copyright 2006 - Ash Observatory - All Rights Reserved