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  Converting Your ToUcam Pro II Into

A ToUcam III V1.1


By Christian Haugerud


Even though this worked for me, you never know when something might go wrong. You are doing this at your own risk!

I take NO responsibility for your damaged webcam!

So why upgrade? Well the biggest reason is the new YUY2 codec.

Compared to the I420 and IYUV, the YUY2 will allow you to capture higher quality images. You also get complete control over the contrast slider.

Now before we start we need to gather a couple of things:

A neat program called WcRmac

The new SPC900NC  binary file

And of course the SPC900NC driver (Note! This is the English driver)

1) Install WcRmac and copy the SPC900NC binary file to this directory:

"X:\Program Files\TWIRG\WcRmac\binary\8116"

2) Now launch your favorite capture program like VRecord, K3CCDTools, QCFocus and make sure it is running.

3) Start WcRmac and connect to your webcam (WebCam/DS Interface). Check the "ok - I take full responsibility using this program" box and then enter the Binaries screen.




Before you go any further, create a backup of your current data (Click the "Get current and save as" button)! Call it "default" or something like that.

4) Now in the Binaries window, select the SPC900NC.bin file and then hit the "Load into cam" button. Click "Yes" in the popup window.

5) After successfully loading the bin file,unplug your webcam,install the SPC900NC driver and restart your computer.

6) Plug in your webcam again and let it install.

Thats it!The PCVC840K should now be recognized as the SPC900NC.