USB Active Extension Cables

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USB Active Extension Cables

Are you having problems with your Meade DSI ( or any other  USB device) freezing up while using a standard 16' USB 2.0 cables?

With my present setup. G11 setup outside of the observatory and the imaging and software computer in the observatory.I was using a 16' USB 2.0 standard extension cable along with a additional 6' USB cable. I was losing the signal from the DSI and or Autostar program would freeze up. I would have to close Autostar Suite and disconnect then reconnect USB cable to DSI and restart Autostar Suite. Sometimes this would pick up that DSI could be faster using a USB 2.0 port message. While the whole time it was connected to a USB 2.0 port.

Doing some research I came upon a USB 2.0 Active (Repeater) Extension cable. Specifications claimed that a total of 5 - 16' (80') Active USB 2.0 cables could be connected together with no signal degradation. I ordered 2 of these cables. One for the Meade DSI and one for my Meade LPI which I am using for guiding. Price was under $40.00 not including shipping.
Cables arrived yesterday. I replaced the standard USB 2.0 cable I was using with this Active USB 2.0 cable. My problems with the DSI image lost and/or Autostar Suite freezing up are gone.The Active USB 2.0 cable acts like an invisble hub.

Today just for kicks, I added the other 16' USB 2.0 active cable to the setup. Giving me about 38' of cable run. DSI is working like it was attached with only 6' cable. No problems with this run of 38'. I'm sure this would be the same results if more Active extensions were added to the run, up to the 80' limit. These cables would be ideal for anyone wanting to be inside ( nice and warm) while still controlling your imaging camera from up to 80' away. I would highly recommend these cables to anyone that requires running more then 10' of USB cable.

Below is listed the features of the Active USB Cable from website:
Product Features: - USB 2.0 specification compliant. - Data transfer rate up to 480Mbps. - True Plug and Play. - No external power require. USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable by USBGear Unlike passive extension cables, the USBG-2U16 2.0 Certified Active Extension Cable (using NEC chip) is an active device that buffers the data going in and out to assure that signal always meets the USB 2.0 Electrical and Timing Specifications. USBG-2U16 can be used to extend the cable length of any USB 2.0 device. This USB active cable acts as a transparent USB 2.0 Hub Therefore there is no drivers required! Up to 5 segments of this cable can be used to get max. allowable length of 80ft.