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Just a place to dump some T2k related files I've done up over the years...


A MTLB of the 16th Guards Motor-Rifle Division's 282nd Anti-Tank Battalion tows a MT-12 gun into position to counter NATO's advance in northeastern Poland, May 1997.

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Thoughts about various parts of the Ground War from the DC Writer's Group:


Soviet Unarmored Vehicles


Soviet Helicopters

Soviet Air Defense System Notes

Soviet APCs

Soviet Light AFVs

Soviet Artillery Force During the Twilight War

Soviet Armor Force During the Twilight War

Accidents & Misunderstandings - How the War started in Germany by Jason Weiser

Death of the 47th Guards Tank Division

Reconciliation of CivGov & MilGov by Jason Weiser

State Guards during the War

The Media during the War by Jason Weiser

Build-up & Mobilization of the US Army by Fighting Flamingo

Thoughts on the US Army in T2k

Order of Battle Ideas for T2k*

Saudi Arabian Land Forces & National Guard

Syrian Army, 1 OCT 96

Romanian Army, 1 Dec 1996

US Army Armored Divisions, Brigades & Armored Cavalry Regiments

US Army Non-Divisional Field Artillery

US Army Infantry Divisions & Brigades

Czechoslovak Vehicle Guide

Twilight War timeline broken down by region

(pdf version)

Iranian People's Army & Revolutionary Guards TO&E

Iranian People's Army Table of Organization

* additional orders of battle on the Warsaw Pact Forces, Naval War and Air Forces pages!

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