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Roy L. Pickering Jr. - Freelance Writer
Author of the novel Patches of Grey as well as the electronically published novella Feeding the Squirrels.  Be sure to follow Roy's frequently if irregularly updated blog - A LINE A DAY.   To quote its masthead, A LINE A DAY "is a continuous work in progress, fluidly charting my diverse interests and reflecting the far reaching range of my tastes. Frequent subjects of discussion include literature, sports, politics, pop culture and artistic motivation. You will find thoughtful essays and stream of consciousness rants, reviews of books written by others and the presentation of my own fiction - novel excerpts as well as short stories. What it is today may not be the case tomorrow."


It is impossible to discourage the real writers - they don't give a damn what you say, they're going to write. ~ Sinclair Lewis


Any fool can write a novel but it takes real genius to sell it. ~ J. G. Ballard

If you only read books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking. ~ Haruki Murakami


My debut novel Patches of Grey has been published by M.U.D. House Books.  The print edition is available for sale at Amazon.comMahogany Books and Independent Author IndexYou can also purchase directly from the author (for $8 plus shipping; Paypal account required) by sending an email to
Price of book will be further discounted for those buying multiple copies for book clubs.  Contact me for additional details.  I'm happy to guest speak at book club meetings in the NY/NJ area as well as by phone or online chat.
"Pickering's style is fluid and crisp. There's a certain clarity to the prose that's considered and well judged - just enough to paint the picture and more than enough to drive along the narrative." 
- Khome (

Patches of Grey is a tale of reckless ambition, boundless optimism, ironclad convictions, bitter disillusionment, the complexity of race relations, the confusion of self exploration, naivete of first love, inevitability of heartbreak, and the demise of innocence. It asks this question: When things fall apart will the blood a family shares be strong enough to hold them together?




Feeding the Squirrels tells the story of a self-absorbed philanderer who lives a life of leisure and usually manages to remain one step ahead of consequences for his actions.  He reveals himself to the reader by chronicling his rapid fire sex life woman by woman in this fast paced novella published in a variety of electronic formats by SynergEbooks.  The narrator is Michael, a prolific lover who defines himself by his various sexual conquests.  Each chapter in between the first and last is named after a woman who has been seduced by him, and thus helped to shape his identity. Every one of the erotic encounters can be read as a story unto itself, with Michael’s single minded pursuit of pleasure being the common thread that unites them.  Although his succession of affairs are singular experiences to a man who rarely thinks of yesterday or tomorrow, they eventually manage to intertwine and leave him with a web of his own design to untangle.



About the Author: Roy Pickering was born on the idyllic island of St. Thomas and currently resides in a quaint New Jersey town with his wife and daughter.  Feeding the Squirrels is his first published novella and Patches of Grey is his debut novel.  He is currently hard at work on a second novel (Matters of Convenience) as well as a series of children’s books being illustrated by his wife, the artist Erin Rogers Pickering.  His thoughts on the trials and tirbulations of professional athletes are posted at YardBarker.  Commentary on sports, politics, race relations, the writing life, and whatever else comes to mind can be found on an ongoing basis at the blog "A Line A Day".
Anthologies that house Roy's fiction include Proverbs for the People (Kensington Books), Role Call (Third World Press), The Game: Short Stories About the Life (Triple Crown Publications), and Prose to be Read Aloud, Volume One.
An assortment of Roy's short stories are also featured at  They can be found HERE



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