Efron/Effron/Ephron Genealogy


Chapters in THE EFRON GENEALOGY, a book in progress
Here are summaries for the chapters in The Efron Genealogy. My Goal is to complete and publish the book in 2009.
Each family has its own chapter, except that the first 14 chapters are all about the largest Efron family, the descendants of Leib and Tsinne Efron of Amdur, which has about 2000 family members.  As much as possible, I want to show how different families are actually related to each other.
The book will also have:
  • Birth, marriage and death dates and locations.
  • Occupations
  • Interesting biographical information
  • Immigration information
  • Detailed appendixes
  • Photographs
  • Documents, such as ship passenger lists, naturalizations, and marriage certificates



Section 1

Amdur Families

Chapter 1

Tsinne and Leib Efron of Amdur

They had four known children. The children were known informally as "Tsinne's," after their mother. The descendants of their son, Motte (Mordecai) are numerous. Those families are found in USA, Australia, Argentina and Israel.  I am descended from another son, Chaim, their oldest child, born about 1782. Ephraim and Leizer, the other two known children, may have also had descendants with the name Efron, or possibly some other family name.  Leib and Tsinne were born around 1766, and Leib died about 1810.

Chapter 2

Chaim Tsinne’s

Chapter 3

Abraham Abba, son of Chaim Tsinne’s

Chapter 4

Wife of Shmuel (Monye) Khoze, daughter of Chaim Tsinne’s

Chapter 5

Leib, son of Chaim Tsinne’s

Chapter 6

Shael, son of Chaim Tsinne’s

Chapter 7

Mashe, son of Motte Tsinne's

Chapter 8

Shevach, son of Motte Tsinne's          115

Chapter 9

Eliezer, son of Motte Tsinne's            142

Chapter 10

Heche Katz, daughter of Motte Tsinne's          162

Chapter  11

Yankel, son of Motte Tsinne’s           53

Chapter 12

Gdalia, son of Motte Tsinne's             105

Chapter 13

David, son of Motte Tsinne's              145

Chapter 14

Kunnne Karpovich, daughter of Motte Tsinne’s --

Chapter 15

Shmuel Chaim Efron of Volkovysk and Izabelin (St Paul Efrons), Related to Tsinne Branch

Chapter  15.1

Max Affron’s Kingston, NY Descendents



Section 2

Other Amdur Families

Chapter 16

Tevel Efron of Amdur          263

Chapter 17

Daniel Efron of Amdur        269

Chapter 18

Dora Effron of Amdur



Section 3

Lunna Families    273

Chapter 19

Yankel of Lunna   275

Chapter 20

Benjamin Wolf, son of Shloima, son of Yankel of Lunna (The Boston Heffrons Branch)

Benjamin Wolf was born about 1790, and he might be another son of Leib and Tsinne, but we don't know.  We know of six of his children, but only the descendants of one of his grandchildren. Benjamin's grandson Yehuda was born around 1838, and came to Boston when he was already old. Several of his children also came to Boston and used the name Heffron.

Chapter 21

Shlomo of Lunna  277

Chapter 22

Nachum, father of Isaac of Lunna      279

Chapter 22.1

Yosef Nahum Efron of Lunna

Chapter 23

Zev Wolf Effron, brother of  Israel of Bialystok               281

Chapter 24

Israel Effron, brother of Zev Wolf, of Lunna

Chapter 25

Chana (Efron) Freidman of Lunna    283



Section 4

Other Grodno Area Families

Chapter 26

Chaim Chaikel Effren of Bialystok   305

Chapter 27

Eliezer Efron of Bialystok   311

Chapter 28

Lazer Efron of Knyshin, St Louis, Aiken, SC  315

Chapter 29

Abraham Jacob Efron and Abraham Jacob Efrein, related, of Grodno          319

Chapter 30

Motte Efron, father of Shalom Shacne Gross-Efron of Kaminka and Meir of Lunna

Chapter 31

Avrohm Simcha Efron of Krynki       325

Chapter 32

Yehuda Leib of Grodno        341

Chapter 33

Moshe HaCohen Efron of Grodno      343

Chapter 34

Max Heffron of Spring Valley            345

Chapter 35

Moshe Efron of Grodno       347

Chapter 36

Israel Chaim of Grodno       349

Chapter 37

Meische (Morris) Effron of Slonim/Atlantic City            351

Chapter 38

Moshe Effron of Stutzin      353

Chapter 39

Nasko “Nathan“ Efron of Botski/Bocki             355

Chapter 39.1

Gedalia of Botski/Bocki

Chapter 40

Chaim Eliezer Effron of Nowy Dwor 359

Chapter 41

Shmuel Efron (Marein-Efron) of Krynki          365

Chapter 41A

Ascher Efron of Krynki (Hipshman)

Chapter 42

Chaim Cheikel of Bialystok                  367



Section 5

Ivenets families

Chapter 43

Chaim Zeloduker (Bakshter) -- Eliashberg family

Chapter 44

Abraham of Ivenets              378

Chapter 45

Israel of Ivenets    391

Chapter 46

Nissan Efron of Ivenets        405

Chapter 47

Abraham Efron of Ivenets    407

Chapter 48

Abraham Efreyn of Ivenets  409

Chapter 49

Zisko Efron of Ivenets          411



Section 6

Other Vilna and Minsk Area Families

Chapter 50

Yekhiel Yefromov (Efron) of Slutsk  415

Chapter 51

Isaac Efron of Bobroisk        417

Chapter 52

Leizer Efron of Svisloch      421

Chapter 53

Meyer of Novogrudok          423

Chapter 54

Emanuel Effron of Vilna (Cleveland branch)   427

Chapter 55

Eliezer Ephron of Vilna

Chapter 56

Jose Efron of Minsk (family of Cordoba, Argentina)

Chapter 57

Abraham Chaim of Niemenczyn, Vilna            431

Chapter 58

Abraham of Vilna 433

Chapter 59


Chapter 60

Jacob Efron of Rakow           437

Chapter 61

Yehoshua Isaac Efran of Radashkow 439

Chapter 62

Arcardi (Israel) Effron of Vilna (Camden, NJ/Philadelphia)          441

Chapter 62.1

Nachum Efron, father of Yakov of Moscow, possibly Minsk (Igor Genkin’s family)



Section 7

Other Efron Families          444

Chapter 63

Benjamin, Israel (Isadore) and Mordecai Zvi Efron and Ada Goldberg of Mariampole (Waco, TX)          446

Chapter 64

Efron, Ephron and Affron of Birmingham, England; Sag Harbor, NY; and Newark, NJ            453

Chapter 65

Eliahu Ephron (London family) (of Wolp?)



Section 8

Unknown Origins Efron Families

Chapter 66

Unknown Efron, husband of Enia Efron Sable

Chapter 67

Israel Efron (Ilia of California)

Chapter 68

Meyer Effron of Chicago

Chapter 69

N Efron, husband of Aline Efron of Los Angeles, CA

Chapter 70

Rose (Effron) Baronff

Chapter 71

August Effren of New York City and Missouri

Chapter 72

George Efferen of Germany and Eastchester, NY

Chapter 73


Chapter 74

Jack Effrain of Brooklyn



Section 9

Miscellaneous Efron Family References


Baruch Efron of Dvinsk


Tzvi Eliahu Efron of Rehoboth


Walter Ephron of Vienna and NYC


Otto Efran of Prossnitz, Czcechoslovakia and NYC


Jacob Efrain of Szekely Udvarhely, Hungary


Conrad Efferenn of Chicago and Germany


Ephran family of Wharton, TX


Nathan and Freida Efrom of Russia, Alabama and NYC


Evron Family of Rhode Island


Efren and Efron Families of Johannesburg



Section 10

Not Really “Efron” Families

Chapter 75

Philip Ephron (Ephraimsky) of Johannesburg

Chapter 76

Salman (Solomon) Efron (Yefroiken)

Tevel Efron of Amdur. He was born about 1792 in Amdur.  Very little is known about him.


Kune (Efron) Karpovich of Amdur was born about 1845, and she is related to the well-known Karp family of Amdur. Her daughter married a Nadkimon and they settled in Israel. Nachoma Efron Lyman, her sister (or daughter?) was born in 1881 and married a Lyman. Nachoma's children Jacob  and Ida Green settled around Connecticut and Greater Boston. Chess expert Shelby Lyman comes from this branch.


Daniel Efron of Amdur. Many of his grandchildren had the name Daniel. Some of his family settled in Lomza, Poland. Some family came to the US to Chicago and use the name Haffron and Hafron. One branch went to Israel, to Haifa, where Effron street is named for Dr. Leon (Leib) Effron.


Yankel Efron of Lunna. Early census records for the town of Lunna show as the earliest ancestor a Yankel (Jacob) Efron, estimated birth 1761. Children are Shloyma (Solomon), Isaac and Nokhim. Another three generations are known from census records, up until about 1858.  No connections to other, more recent Lunna Efrons have been made.


Meir Effron of Lunna and Haifa. Almost certainly the grandson of Nokhim, from the Yankel of Lunna branch, above, but insufficient proof at this time. That grandson of Nokhim was Meir Jacob.  This branch, which settled in Haifa, is related to the Golden (Goldin) family of Lunna which is married into the Efron family in at least two other places. A part of the family owned a large construction business.


Shlomo Efron of Lunna. His son, Moses (Moshe Mordecai) was born in 1880 or so and lived in the Bronx, and at one time was a mathematics teacher. He also wrote a book in Yiddish. Moses had no children, and nothing else is known about his family.  His father, Shlomo, could be Shloima Hirsh who was a grandson of Nokhim, born 1836, from the Yankel of Lunna branch. Or, this Shlomo could be an as of now unknown grandson of Shloima, also from the Yankel of Lunna branch.


Isaac of Lunna Isaac and his wife Beila Davis were born about 1880. He had a place in Woodridge, NY which he rented out (a "kuchelein").  His children were Milton (Meyer), Ephraim and Morris (Moshe). No contact has been made for Morris' family. Morris' wife was Pearl Efron, daughter of Jacob Efron and Taube Grogenska, according to her marriage record. Nothing is known about Ephraim.  Isaac and his family lived in Brooklyn


Israel Efron of Lunna. His wife was Anna or Sarah.  Some of his children are known: Doris Schleifer, born 1883, came to Boston. A son, Moshe, and another daughter stayed in Lunna. Another daughter, Mary Krinsky, lived in Chicago but no further information has been found about her. Dora Abramsky was another daughter (to be verified -- isn't she related to Jacob Efron the plumber of NY?) A niece of Israel was Marka Shevashoviez, who lived in Israel.


Chana (Efron) Freidman of Lunna. She was married to Chaim Cheikel Friedman. She died in 1932 and he died in the Holocaust. Almost nothing is known about this branch. Three children died in the Holocaust. Daughter Chaitche (Anna) went to Brazil. Son Michael went to Israel.


Baruch Chaim Efron of Volkovysk and Izabelin (The Minnesota Efrons).   Much of this family is well documented, but there appears to be some unknown connections that need to be figured out. Sometimes known as Chaim, sometimes known as Baruch, his connection to the other large branches is not known. His children were Ephraim Simcha, Yosef Shmuel, Morris (Moshe), Sara Bulgatz and Julia Mintz. Ephraim Simcha did not immigrate to the US, but his wife did come to this country. Ephraim Simcha had several sons and at least one daughter, and nearly all of them immigrated to the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, as did his brother, Morris and sisters Julia and Sarah. One son of Ephraim Simcha, Hirsh, stayed in Warsaw. A daughter, Hinda Rudnitsky, also did not emmigrate. Hinda's mother-in-law came from the Yarin family, related to the author's PATERNAL family (the Efrons are on my mother's side)!  Yosef Shmuel had children with the last name of Rosenshein. Also related to Rabinowitz.


Avraham Aaron ("Yom Kipporante") Efron of Grodek and Bialystok.  He was born approximately 1835, and lived in the town of Grodek, near Bialystok. His nickname, I am told, means "the landlord," which he earned because he owned some modest property, and his pride of ownership was out of propertion to the size of the property.  Probably the grandfather of Yakov Shmuel Lewis (nee Efron) of Ireland).  Avraham Aaron's known children are Benjamin Zev, with descendants settled in the US, and Moshe Shleme Efron.  Moshe Shleme was father of Yakov Shlomo Lewis of Dublin, Ireland.


Chaim Effren of Bialystok. He was born approximately 1860 and was married to Rosa Epstein.  His known children were Isidore (Itzhak) Effren, Celia Hollander and Abraham Effren.  All the children came to Jersey City, NJ.  Celia's husband and Abraham's wife were brother and sister.  No descendant of Isidore's family has been located.


Zev Wolf (Benjamin) Efron of Bialystok.  He was born approximately 1857 and was married to Goldie Halpern. The name Benjamin is often associated with the names Zev Wolf. His two known children are Peshe Arnstein and Jacob (Yakov Feivish) Effron. Jacob was a plumber in Brooklyn. There are few descendants known, and none of Jacob's descendants have been contacted.


Eliezer Efron of Bialystok. He was born about 1830, and died approximately 1875.  One of his sons was Joseph Efron, 1858-1908. He and his wife Rebecca settled in Chicago. Joseph's two known chidren were Sarah Bernstein of Chicago and Louis (Lazar) Efron, also of Chicago. Another son of Eliezer Efron, name unknown, had a son, also named Louis (like his cousin), and a daughter, Minnie Goldberg.  This Louis, and his sister Minnie Goldberg, also lived in Chicago.


Lazer Efron of Knyshin (St. Louis/Aiken, S.C.).  Lazer was born about 1840, and was the father of Morris (Meshe) Efron, born about 1870, who immigrated to the US. Morris was married to Ida Surasky. Though he came from Knyshin, which is near Bialystok, he was a saddle maker in Minsk.  He died young, in 1918, when the family lived in St. Louis. In 1910 they lived with Hyman and Sarah Levy, but they came to St. Louis because of her relatives, the Bergers. After Morris died, Ida moved with the children to Aiken, South Carolina.


Israel Efron, son of Abraham Jacob of Grodno, and a relative with the same name and father's name.   This seems strange, but according to gravestone research that was done, they both had the same given names and the same father's name. One of them, Israel Efron, 1870-1948, was married to Lena (Zelda Leiba) nee Gottleib -- probably a cousin marriage because his mother's maiden name was Sarah Gottleib.  Efforts to make contact with descendants have been successful except that the grandchild contacted refused to talk because she distrusted me. The other one, Isadore Efrein, 1870-1961,  was married to Celia. His Hebrew name was Israel, and his mother was Dora Gometz.  The reason I believe they are related is that they are buried near each other, and the witnesses on the naturalization of Isadore Efrein are Abraham and Rae Efron, who are probably the Abraham who is the son of Israel, and his sister (or wife -- both have the name Rae).  Because they were born in the same year, they were probably named after the same ancestor. Probably, their father's were first cousins, also named for a common ancestor or ancestors.


Shalom Shacne Gross-Efron of Kaminka. His father was Motte (Mordecai), according to one family member, but this is not otherwise substantiated. He was born about 1870 and died at Aushwitz. His wife was Chae Peshe, but another source says her name was Altie Czersky. Maybe he had two wives. He had hide and grain stores in various towns and shoe factories. His mother was Fruma, and she died at a very advanced age and Shalom Shacne, as the only surviving child, came into an inheritance from the mother. He had many siblings, and many, many family members died in Aushwitz. Two sons and a daughter lived in Zeloduk. Other known children were Simcha, Lazar, Leib, BenZion (Benjamin), Ruben, Moshe, Udes (Judith) Odess and Dovka (Dora) Zuckerman Cohen.  One grandchild had a cement factory in Israel.  There may have been as many as 15 children. Benjamin owned a large poultry farm in New Jersey.


Avrohm Simcha Efron and the Shneider family of Krynki.  He was born about 1825 and married to Ida. Their children were: Bashe Shneider, Ephraim (Frank), Ruth Payes and Yudel.  Bashe Shneider had seven children, including Hyman Shneider, who married Jennie Efron, daughter of Hyman's uncle, Ephraim (Frank), and Philip Shneider, who married Anna Efron, another daughter of Frank Efron. Other children of Bashe were Riva Levitz, Udes Kaplan, Ida Friedman, Leah Selkoff and Joe. Ephraim (Frank) Efron had Jennie Shneider, Anna Shneider, Ida Bergen, Pauline (Peshi) Efron and Eva Sugarman Cohen. Pauline was married to Morris Efron, the son of Yehuda Leib Efron of Grodno (below). No contact has been made with the few known descendants of Ruth Payes, and only one small part of the descendants of Yudel Efron have been contacted. Yudel Efron married Bashke Payes, probably a sister of Ruth.


Yehuda Leib Efron of Grodno. He was born about 1845 and was married to Sarah Goldberg. Of his three known children, almost nothing is known about his daughters Channa and Emma, who came to the US. His son Morris (Moshe) was born in 1895 and settled in Chicago. Morris married Pauline (Peshe) Efron, daughter of Ephraim Efron (see above).


Moshe HaCohen Efron of Grodno. According to the gravestone of his son, Benjamin, this Efron family were from the priestly caste -- Cohanim. This is the only reference to Efron's being Cohen's, and therefore worth eyeing cautiously. Benjamin, Moshe's son, was born about 1870 and married to Anna Yudkofsky. Their children are Alexander, Frances, Sarah and Alfred. Only Alexander's family is known. Benjamin was an "artist." Alexander was a high school teacher and was married to Rose Kunitz. Alexander and Rose's son Robert is a surgeon and their daughter Edith was a journalist and author.


Max Heffron of Spring Valley. Max was born about 1880, and married to Bessie (Fisher). The family came from Amdur, according to one person (not confirmed). Children were Alex (Abraham), Jack and Samuel.


Moshe Efron of Grodno.  Moshe was married to Rebecca. Their son Sol(omon) (Shlomo) was born in Grodno about 1903. Only one child is known, Vivian, who was born about 1926. His wife was Esther or Sarah. Sol came from Argentina in 1923, lived in the Bronx, and taught Hebrew.


Jacob (Meyer Yakov) Efron of Grodno.  He was the son of Israel Chaim and Kuna Diskin.  Jacob came to the US and was born about 1887.  He was married to Ida and had daughters Sylvia Miller and Miriam. Sylvia lived in Wilson, NY, but no contact has been made with anyone in this family.


Meische (Morris) Effron of Slonim/Atlantic City.  He was born about 1869 and married Bessie (Baila).  Her nephew was Lazar Palonski, who lived in Slonim.  He was a Chaffeur, as was his son, Louis. She ran a restaurant. Their children were Louis (married to Fannie), Aaron, Florence and Edith.  No contact has been made with this family.


Moshe of Stutczin/Stuchin.  He was married to Rebecca Stein.  Their children came to the US. Frank (Ephraim) was born in Stutczin in 1869 and was married to May (Mamie; Mashe, Malke) Peshkowsky.  His son Louis lived in the Bronx, was married to Sophia Gershon and had children Muriel, Herbert & Betty.


Nasko Efron of Bocki.  He went as Nathan. He was the son of Leibel and Gutka (Warona). Leibel was the son of Avrom, possibly. Leibel’s wife was Ditla. His father’s name might be Avrom. Nathan was born 1894 and settled in California with his wife Dora (Dworja) Klesacaelska came from Bocki, Poland.  Nathan’s children are Harold and Leonard. Nathan’s sister was Ida (Haiche) Bomchel of Atlanta. Nathan and Ida’s family have been contacted and are known.  Other siblings are Zisel, Riva and Golda, but nothing is known about them.


Usher of Nowy Dwor.  Usher Effron was born in 1865. He came from Nowy Dwor (Novy Dvor), in the Grodno region. His father was Chaim Eliezer and his mother was reported as Bessie Rosensweig. Usher was married twice: first, to Hannah Isaacson, then to Rachel Wolf. Rachel Wolf’s son by her first husband was Charles (Bitsalel) Wolf, who married Charlotterried Fanny Margolies. She remarried who may not have emigrated from Europe.  thing is known about them.. Osher had a brother Moses, who may not have emigrated from Europe.  Osher’s son Harry  married Fanny Margolies. She remarried to Jacob Effron after Harry’s death, no relation.  Osher’s daughter Ethel Kolsky lived in Trenton.  Another daughter, Martha married Felix Libman and lived in Chicago and their son was Henry. Another daughter was Clara, married to Louis Farber.  Another daughter, Jewish name of Sima (American name Celia?), lived in Wilmington, Delaware, had four sons of which two were dentists, but that family has not been identified. z), a niece of Osher'orencearberin Chicago and their son was Henry. Theodore Effron of Chicago married Florence Isaacson (Itskovitz), a niece of Osher’s first wife. 


Nachum Effron of Wolp.  He was the father of Herman (Chaim Meyer) Effron, born about 1885 and immigrated to New York City.  Herman’s wife was Ida (Chai), maiden name Kustim (?) and they had three known children: Joe (Joel?), Beckie (Sheina Rivka), and Mary.  Herman was buried in a Wolp section of Beth David Cemetery, suggesting that they came from the town of Wolp. Wolp is located right next to Lunna, so this family might be from Lunna.


Shmuel Marein-Efron of Krynki.  He was born about 1841. His son was Itzhak Zvi Marein (Efron), born about 1861, and married to Beila. Itzhak Zvi was a well known rabbi in Bialystok and had 14 children. One son was David Marein-Efron, born about 1891, Krynki. David married in Bialystok in 1922 to Dvorah, and came to the US in 1941 by way of Mexico City, Mexico.  He had brothers with the name Bramson, including Louis of New York and Solomon of Kansas City, MO. David’s sister Leah Marein-Efron came to the US in 1922 but that is all we know about her. David’s two children were Sam and Sarah.  The history of this family has not been settled, as oral history is that the family was never related to Efron, but documents indicate the the combined name Marein-Efron.goes back several generations.  Only David’s family is known at all.


Chaim Cheikel of Bialystok.  He had two sons, Jacob and Itzhak, or this could be the same person.  Jacob was born in 1876 in Bialystok and came to the US in 1907 to his cousin in Chicago named Salowy (?). Sore (Sarah?) Efron, born 1878 in Krynki, was the wife of Itzhak Efron and he lived in the US in 1914 when Sore immigrated (source: Sore’s immigration). Sore’s father, in Krynki in 1914, was Chaikel Efron (should be father-in-law?).


Chaim Zeloduker (also called Chaim Bakster) – Eliashberg/Efron. This is one of the earliest Efron family trees.  Yehoshua Heshel Efron (Ivenetser), born 1794, was from the Eliashberg family of Ivenets, and lived in Vilna.  He was the son of Yosef Eliahu Eliashberg from Ivenets (Ivenetser). His father in turn was Abraham, and Abraham’s fathering turn was Chaim Zeloduker/Chaim Bakster, born approximately 1700 and lived in the towns of Zeloduk and Bakst.  There are many descendants by the name of Elisahberg, but Yehoshua Heshel Efron may have received his name from one of his wives.  An old story is that the name was supposed to be Ephraim, named for supposed descent from the tribe of Ephraim. The government officials, when assigning this family name, erroneously registered the name as Efron. I don’t think this story explains how other families in nearby regions received the same name.  Further details below, under the heading of Abraham Efron of Ivenets.


Abraham Efron of Ivenets. He was born 1820 and is a descendant of Chaim Zeloduker, identified above. His father was Yehoshua Heshel Efron (Ivenetser), born 1794. Yehoshua was married three times. The second two wives were Frieda and Peshia. Abraham had two known sisters. One, Rivkah Horowitz, was born 1842 and was the sister of Aharel Horowitz of Vitebsk. The other was Malka, born about 1844. Abraham was a privileged citizen of the Czar, and so were several of his children. His wife was Taube Vilner, a great-granddaughter of Elija ben Solomon, the famous, even to this day “Vilna Gaon.”  Abraham’s Daughter Frieda, born 1844, married Ephroim Leizer Rosenthal. She studied medicine in Paris. Nothing more is known of her.  Abraham’s son Ilya Efron of St. Petersburg was the famous publisher of the Encyclopedia Evreskei (Jewish Encyclopedia).  Another famous son was Jean (Isaac; Ivan; Eugene) Effront of Brussels, an enzymologist and expert in fermenting science.  The other children were: Akim (Aaron) Effront of Paris, a member of the French Legion of Honor; Flora Kochnitsky; Anna Kramnick; Evsey (Yehoshua) of St. Petersburg; Yoel (Jules? Joseph?) was a doctor in Dusseldorf, Paris and Zurich; Lora (a son); Gustav Efron, a privileged citizen who was in Smolensk, Yaroslav, and as of 1889, Vilna; Grigory, a dentist in Vitebsk and privileged citizen with at least six children; Berta Kantorovich; Yosip (Ossip) of St. Petersburg, possibly a lawyer; Yudel; Mavrikey; Simon, who came to the US; Maria Schaikevich of Paris; Nikolai. Abraham also had an adopted daughter, Borisa Basilinskora, daughter of Boris.


Abraham of Ivenets. The relationship between this branch and the Chaim Zeloduker branch is not known. He was born about 1704. One of his sons could be Israel Efron of Ivenets, who is detailed in the next section. His known son is Isaac, who had children born between 1768 and 1781.  His children were Leib (married to Golda Dvorah), Israel (married to Minda) and Shabshel.  Note that Leib of Ivenets and Leib of Amdur were born about at the same time, but there is nothing else to indicate they are the same person. Maybe they were named after the same ancestor.  Most descendants are only known until the mid-1700s, based on early census records. Some descendants lived in the town of Uzda.  One descendant of Shabshel is Noah Effron, the son of Feivish Efron of Koidonovo, who was the son of Shabsel, Noah’s family settled in Cedar Rapids, IA, where he was the first acting rabbi of that town. Noah’s family is fairly well known.  Kalman Efron of Vilna, another son of Shabshel, is believed to be the grandfather of Sergei Efron who was famous as the husband of Poet Marina Tsvetaeva. Sergei’s descendants are somewhat known, but not completely.  Sergei is known in his own right for his political activities during and after the Bolshevic revolution.


Israel of Ivenets.  He was born about 1750 and had two known children: Chaim (born 1774, married to Chaia) and Baruch Michael (born 1781, married Rebecca), Some of their descendants have been researched, but for most of them, nothing is known. One grandson of Chaim (from Chaim’s son Isaac) was Israel Samuel, born 1819, lived in Volozhin and Slutsk, and had sons Chaim Baruch and Yoel Chaim.  A brother of Israel Samuel was Moshe of Vilna, and a sister was Hinda. A sister of Israel Chaim was Tsirel, who married Yosef Dov Ber Soloveitchik, renown rabbi and head of a rabbinic dynasty even to this day.  Another grandson of Chaim (from Chaim’s son Abraham) was (also) Israel Samuel, possibly the father of Leon Effron of Philadelphia. We do know that this Israel Samuel had a son Chaim Nachman of Volzhin, the great grandfather of Nora Ephron, the movie director.  We also know that this Israel Samuel had a daughter, Rivel Somach of New York City.  This Israel Samuel also had a son Baruch who was the father of four known daughters: Khenia, Khaia, Esther and Chana, but nothing is known about them.  The two other known children of this Israel Samuel are daughters Simcha and Musia Beila.  Baruch Michael, the other known child of Israel of Ivenets, had daughter Michela and son Isaac of Volozhin, of whom not much is known. Another child of Baruch Michael was Abraham, whose children was Israel Nisan, Slava and Noah Chaim. Noah Chaim lived in Dukora and his family is known.  The only other known child of Baruch Michael was Mordecai Efron of Bobroisk, whose family is fairly well known.


Nisan Efron of Ivenets. He was born approximately 1756 and was the father of Zalman and Wolf David. Wolf David lived in Olesk, and his son Nota, born about 1817, lived in Korets. No other descendants of this branch are known.


Abraham Efron of Ivenets. He was born approximately 1779 and was the father of Gershon who in turn was the father of Isaac, born about 1829.  Gershon and Isaac relocated from Ivenets. Nothing else is known about this branch.


Abraham Efron of Ivenets. Another Abraham in Ivenets was born approximately 1788 and was the father of Itzhak (Isaac), born about 1816. Nothing else is known about this branch.


Zisko Efron of Ivenets. Zisko is usually a nickname for the combination names Alexander Ziskind. He was born approximately 1762 and was the father of Anselm. The name Anselm is usually combined with the name Osher or Asher. Nothing else is known about them.


Yekhial Yefronov of Slutsk. It is not known if he used the name Efron. He was born approximately 1759 and had a son Ilya (Eli) who in turn had a son named Leizer, born 1817.


Isaac Efron of Bobroisk.  He was born approximately 1854 and was married to Lena Itzkin and/or Dvorah Gelfand.  His children were Aaron S., whose family settled in Boston; Libby Everlev of Lebanon, Pennsylvania; Peshe Wolfson of Bayonne, New Jersey; Zusia (Julius) of New York; Fayleh (Falk) “Charles’ of New York; and Israel Joseph of New York.


Abraham of Vilna. According to the Vilna Yiskor book, one Abraham Efron of Vilna had sons Yosel (Joseph) and Isaac.


Isaac (Harry) Efron of Budka.  He was born about 1850 and lived in the town of Budka, which is near Mariampole. His wife was Channa Rivka and they had three known children, who spelled the name variously with one F or two Fs (and maybe PH as well). Son David came to the US. He might be the David Ephron who lived in San Francisco. A daughter, name unknown, had a daughter named Ellen. Son Abraham was born 1876 in Budka and lived in Brooklyn, NY. Abraham's family is known, but the other parts are not known.  Abraham first married Malka, then later married Anna Adler, born about 1884. Only Louis was Malka's child, so far as we can tell. Abraham's children were: Louis (Leib), Joseph (Yosef Meyer), Sam, Rebecca, WIlliam (Wolf), Lessie, Irwin (or Irving or Isadore), Sylvia and Geraldine.  Geraldine was born in 1920 and was younger than some of her nieces.


Jacob Efron of Rakow. Hyman Michael (Chaim) Efron was born 1870 in Rakow, Minsk Province and was married to Marcia (or Martha) Rubinstein.  Rakow is close to Volozhin and Ivenets.  He has a cousin, Meyer Wolff, in New York City. According to one source, Chaim was the youngest ordained rabbi in Minsk, but he did not work as a rabbi in the U.S. Hyman was the youngest of many children. He lived in the Bronx. Hyman's son Jacob Morris "Jack" (Yakov Moshe) was born in Kremenchug, which is where his mother came from and where his parents lived prior to coming to the U.S. Hyman's daughter Gertrude (Henia) was a young widow, and helped to bring up her sister's (Haicha's) children. Hyman's daughter Haicha Schiff was married to Jacob Schiff. She died young.


Yehoshua Isaac Efran of Radashkow.  Some of the family spelled it EFRAN, and others EFRON. Yehoshua Isaac married Sarah Harriton. Their son Jacob (Yakov Shlomo (Solomon)) was born 1868 and married to Rachel (Riva Reizel) Ziprien or Zipin. They lived in Jamaica, Queens, New York.  Jacob was a tailor. Jacob was buried in the Radashkower section of the cemetery, suggesting that he came from that town or nearby. Jacob and Rachel had seven children:  Ida Shereff, Nathan, Ester Zwaik, Stephanie Greenberg, Jeanette Stone Leibowitz; Sidney Efran and Blanche Rubinstein.


Arcardi (Israel) Efron of Vilna.  He was born approximately 1850, and was married to Odella “Gertrude.”  He was the father of Leon Effron of Philadelphia and Camden, NJ., born 1864. Leon’s descendants are known.  Other children of Arcardi are Euphem, Bernice, Mark and Andre. Nothing is known of these other children except for Andre, who worked for the trans-Siberian Railway and arranged for his brother Leon to be a representative of Baldwin Locomotive.  Andre lived in France, and maybe was the Andre who immigrated to New Haven, Connecticutt (Yale University) in 1937.   


Benjamin and Israel Efron of Mariampole and Waco, Texas.  Benjamin was one of the earliest Efrons to immigrate to the US. He was one of the earliest Jews in Waco, Texas.  Benjamin was born 1841 and married to Sophie, born 1846. Their children were Rachel Cohen, Marie Rosenbaum, Abe (known as “Abe Jr.”), Hannah, Leopold Isadore “Lapel” or “Lape”, Hallie, Harry Nathaniel, Israel, Nettie Florsheim and Lillian.  The family is known, and there are very few descendants of Benjamin Efron of Waco.  Also in Waco was Israel Efron, born about 1847. He is probably a brother of Benjamin, but he could be a nephew or related in some other way. His wife was Sarah Bunch; it is unknown if they had any children.  Israel and Sarah are possibly the same as the Elias (1852-1914) and Sarah (1863-1886) Ephraim buried in Galveston.


Meyer, Jacob Aaron and Ida Keller of Texas and Mariampole. They were brothers and sister. It is unknown how they are related to Benjamin and Israel of Waco, but it appears that they are related.  Meyer, born 1872, married Raye Brand and lived in San Antonio. Meyer died in 1909 and is buried in the Waco cemetery.  Jacob Aaron, born 1879, married Raye Joseph, and they lived in Gonzales, Texas.  Ida Keller was a sister. Not much is known about her. Her husband and the husband of Leah (Efron) Keller were brothers (see below).


Abraham Efron and Leah Keller of Dallas. They were brother and sister, and seem to be related to the other Efrons of Texas. In particular, Leah and Ida Efron married brothers, by the name Keller.  Abraham was born 1867 and married Sarah Leventhal (Lernthal?) in 1891 in Limestone, TX.  Leah Keller was born about 1880.  Leah’s children were Harold, Dorothy Futor and Hannah Renberg, all of Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Ephrons and Affrons of Birmingham, England, Sag Harbor, New York and Newark NJ. One piece of evidence suggests that this family is Jewish, but otherwise this family appears to be known Jewish.



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