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EarthBound Tech is devoted to helping advance the state of the art of solar and other sustainable energy options.  Currently we are putting most of our effort into the analysis, design and evaluation of solar cookers.
You are welcome to use the information presented here to build your own EB style cooker.  We would appreciate  feedback on your experience building and using EB Cookers

New Cooker Designs
We have designed and built rwo new solar cookers
  1. The EB Suncooker is a powerful multi-sided double cone cooker that is relatively easy to build and use.
  2. The EB Parabolic is a 16 sided 45 inch (1.14 Meter) Parabolic cooker.  We cooked with this cooker on the winter solstice in Massachusetts.  It had plenty of cooking power.  More information on this cooker will be added to this site soon.
Some current projects
  • Complete our 16 sided parabolic cooker and conduct instrumented tests of its performance.
  • Continue to build and test EB Cooker Prototypes including a multisided hybrid Parabolic.
  • Evaluate the performance of cookers using our data aquisition system
  • Use ray tracing and/or optical methods to evaluate the performance of panel cookers

Other Solar Cooking Interests:

  • Continue our search for better reflective materials
  • Review the performance of other cookers
  • Increase the power flow into box cookers by optimizng the size and orientation of reflectors.
EB Parabolic
This is our newest cooker.  It is a 16 sided 45 inch (1,14 Meter) diameter Parabolic cooker.
16 Sided EB800D
The EB Parabolic with rice cooking in the pot on the winter solstice.  We used the cooking bag as a greenhouse container until the heat burned holes in the bag.

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