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"ON SET" Photos - 20.00

This is an amazing collection of 125 rare BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOS shot on the set of "LOST IN SPACE" during filming of the original series, and also  later on the set of "Lost In Space Forever!"  You get:

* set stills of the "Pilot version" of Jupiter II set, taken just before principal photography began, as crew members were putting finishing touches on the set and sweeping up;

* backstage shots of the cast members in costume, waiting in their dressing rooms and hanging out on the soundstage between setups;

* on set photos of the cast filming scenes, waiting on their marks in between takes;

* candid photos of the Jupiter II set right after the series was canceled, just before the set was dismantled;

* shots of the Jupiter II mockup, Space Pod mockup, Chariot, and Space Pod interior set sitting on the backlot;

* on set photos taken on the LOST IN SPACE FOREVER set showing Bill Mumy and Jonathan Harris waiting on set and Bob May getting into the robot suit!

There are OVER 125 PHOTOS!


"ROBOT" Photos - 20.00

Here is a stunning collection of collection of 90 'BEHIND THE SCENES' photos of BOTH original "Lost In Space" ROBOT SUITS, plus shots of Bob May INSIDE the "hero" robot suit with the ROBOT'S BUBBLE REMOVED! There are also photos of both robot suits IN STORAGE and ON DISPLAY, detailing the restoration process of both robot suits over the years! This collection of photos includes:

* "behind-the-scenes" shots taken on the set of the original series which show the robot's TOW CABLES during filming and crew members moving the robot onto the set as the actors wait on their marks;

* "behind-the-scenes" shots of the stunt robot suspended by wires alongside Guy Williams on a SFX stage as the famous 'robot got sucked out of the hatch' scene from "Prisoners Of Space" was being filmed;

* shots of both suits in storage at the studio right after the series ended;

* shots of the original "Hero" suit -- inside and out -- as it sat in storage at the 20th Century Fox prop warehouse, after being returned from Australia where it had been used in "Mystery Island;"

* shots of the hero suit in pieces, inside and out, then assembled, right after being FULLY RESTORED by master modelmaker Greg Jein;

* ON SET shots of the newly-built BRAND NEW robot suit being used on the set of LOST IN SPACE FOREVER, with the bubble off and Bob May inside, waiting on set in between takes along with Bill Mumy and Jonathan Harris!

There are OVER 90 PHOTOS!



"JUPITER II" Photos - 10.00

All three of the original Jupiter II miniature prop models are in this collection of 54 PHOTOGRAPHS, showing them as they appear today, in private collections!  These pictures show:

* the UNRESTORED, badly decaying 3-FOOT Jupiter II miniature PROP MODEL (used to film the "flying" scenes") before Greg started restoring it;

* the RESTORED miniature 3-Foot Jupiter II miniature after Greg had refurbished it;

* the 4-FOOT "Hero" Jupiter II miniature PROP MODEL (used to film all the "take off" and "landing" shots) showing the outside and inside detail of the model, including of the two "figures" of John and Don that were always seen standing inside the viewport!

* The small Jupiter II model (about 7'' wide) as it appears today in a private collection.

There are 54 PHOTOS of the "Jupiter II" models in all! 


"CHARIOT" Photos - 10.00
This is a collection of 20 rare photos of the original prop model miniature "CHARIOT" as it appears today! There are:  

* 9 photos of the miniature Chariot in storage, before restoration;

* 11 photos of the miniature Chariot after being restored to its original condition, when it was placed on display at a Lost In Space convention!

Also included are FREE BONUS SHOTS of the full-sized working Chariot! You get:

* 5 photos of the full size chariot sitting on the 20th Century Fox backlot in 1968, right after "LIS" was cancelled. (In one shot, the chariot can be seen sitting next to the full size Spindrift from "Land of the Giants!")

* 4 photos of the full size chariot taken in the 1980's, when it was being used at a ski resort!!!

There are 30 PHOTOS!


"WARDROBE" Photos - 10.00


* 12 different B&W wardrobe stills, all shot on the "Lost In Space" soundstage or in the actor's dressing room,  in December 1965, during production of the original pilot episode.  ALL OF THEM ARE LARGE, CRISP AND CLEAN! 

30 COLOR PHOTOS of the original costumes AS THEY APPEAR TODAY, on display in LA!

There are 41 PHOTOS of the original Robinson costumes in all!


"HOME MOVIES" shot on the original Jupiter II set - 23.00

This is a DVD that contains 45 minutes of HOME MOVIE FOOTAGE shot on the ORIGINAL JUPITER II set! This footage shows the ACTUAL JUPITER II SET as it appears today! Shot in 1997 at a private home in Long Island, NY, where the set now remains, this footage details the only existing piece of the original "Lost In Space" set -- FROM EVERY ANGLE!

The existing vintage Jupiter II set was discovered at an LA Prop House in 1990, after it was last used on an episode of "Quantum Leap." The set pieces were shipped to New York, where they were reassembled and where it now resides today!

This footage of the actual "LOST IN SPACE" set is a must-see for any true Irwin Allan / LIS fan! Even June (Maureen Robinson) Lockhart recently visited the set, to shoot a TV commerical! The DVD boasts stunning video images of the set, both LIT and with all the SFX lights OFF! It is excellent quality, clean and clear! 




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