Saint Mary of the Angels homilies and reflections

Advent Reflection. Nancy Sheridan, SASV

Advent waiting.  Nancy Sheridan, SASV

Advent I

St. Mary of the Angels

Jeer 33:14-16

Psalm 25

1 These 3:12-4:2

Luke 21:25-28, 34-36



Musical Introduction:  “O Come, O Come…”



Waiting is remaining until something expected happens.  We wait for birth and we wait for death and in between those very significant moments in our lives we do a lot of other kinds of waiting.

             We wait in emergency rooms to be treated for a sudden illness.

             We wait in grocery lines or food pantry lines to have the food we need

                   to feed our families.

             We wait for jobs that seems so slow to come, so slow to open up.


Waiting is not the easiest of life’s invitations and yet waiting is always part of our experience.





Advent ushers into our awareness another kind of waiting, a kind of holy waiting   for the Promise.  The promise is Jesus our Savior who has come but always comes again as He waits to be born again in our hearts and in our spirits.  Many of you know that I have spent these last five years in a leadership role in my religious community.  I am waiting for Jesus to show me some sign of whether I might say yes to five more years or say this has been good and it is enough.  When I ask Jesus what do you want from me, for me his only response thus far has been:  “I just want you to love me and to let me love you…”  Somehow I wait for more while wondering if that response is enough for me.




 During this Advent time we wait for peace to come amidst the division, disappointments and troubles in our families, in our relationships with one another and within our neighborhood and the world.   Tonight we wait to hear about the future of our troops in Afghanistan.  Think about how many lives will be impacted by that decision during this Advent time. We wait for healing for someone we love and for the healing of family members and all whom we hold dear. During this Advent time we wait for God to surprise us with a gift of courage, of renewed faith or of discernment to choose. As we wait for what we long for we are reminded that our waiting needs to be active.  We need to be fully present to one another as we wait in prayer and as we watch for God’s Promise to come near.  Our waiting needs to be patient especially with those in our lives with whom it is most difficult to be patient.  Our waiting needs to be supported by this community which offers us the space where we can touch survival and growth and where we can support one another, encourage one another and strengthen one another.



Tonight let’s speak to God about what we are waiting for ourselves or in the life of someone we love.

What are we waiting for in our beloved SMA community?

What are waiting for in our neighborhoods, our world?


The psalm of the first Sunday of Advent cries out our longing as we wait:


Make us know your ways, O God;

teach us your paths.

Lead us in your truth and teach us

for you are the God of our salvation

for you we wait all day long.







Naming someone we need to wait with in this Advent Season as we receive the light from one another.


Closing music:   “O Come, O Come…”

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