Thomas Singer Associates AIA

Eleuthera Residence

Making the most of solar and water resources.

This private home is nestled into the side of a hill overlooking the ocean. The home is a ranch with a connection to the outdoors from each room. The ocean is to the north and the hill protects the southern exposure from the tropical sun. Views to the ocean overlook the pool and verandas through full height windows and doors. The home is oriented to maximize the view while providing complete privacy.

Every drop of rainwater touching the roof, pool or patios is collected in cisterns below the house to provide water for domestic use, evaporative cooling and irrigation. Solar collectors on the roof provide power for pumps, domestic use and peak cooling needs. The building is designed to require no energy or water from utility companies.

In addition to energy efficiency, water collected for irrigation make farming of fresh water vegetables possible in an area largely dependent on salt water. This tropical paradise can sustain its owner for perpetuity.
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