New York Paper Mill
Five hundred million-dollar facilities in the New York metropolitan area to recycle newsprint from 100% collected material.  The project is a pilot for “clean manufacturing practices” sponsored by the National Resource Defense Council.
United States Surgical Corporation, Warehouse Sterilizer Facility

Design and programming of a facility to sterilize the full product potential of the US manufacturing facility.  Five 22 pallet ETO sterilization vessels were planned.  Facility included biology labs and sterility suits (Class 1000).

Nipon Cargo Air Kennedy Airport
Air Cargo Facility at Kennedy Airport.  Air freight handling via automated loading equipment as well as management and crew areas.
Broadcast Facility
Design proposal for a broadcasting facility in Malaysia.
General Mail Facility
Design proposal for a major mail facility in New York City.  Plan included material handling and process layout for mail handling work.
Central Islip Industrial Park
Design of prototype light industrial buildings as part of the Tech-Park Master plan.  Designs considered site circulation, loading, physical plant, and parking.  Design controls were established to be incorporated into the zoning ordinance.

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