Philadelphia TV6 Broadcast Facility
ABC TV news affiliate in Philadelphia. Replacement of existing facility with a new state of the art high definition broadcast facility and news service.
Food Network
New television facilities for the New York area. Broadcast and recording facilities in a historic building in Manhattan with a design build component.
Two million dollar redesign of existing trading floor of the stock exchange.  This project included industrial design of enclosures of electronic components, mounting devices, operable booms, post overheads, UPS and support facilities.
Site selection study for the relocation of headquarters facilities in Newark, New Jersey.
Relocation of Federal Reserve cash operations to a new facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This facility includes an 80,000 sf automated cash vault, secured access for armored cars and trucks, and fully automated cash operations.
10 MetroTech Center
Retrofit of eight adjacent manufacturing buildings into commercial office space.  Project included mitigation of bearing wall construction, reskinning, and a new lobby.
Jaguar Cars North American Headquarters
Headquarters complex including corporate offices, service training facility, parts distribution warehouse, and cafeteria.
Securities Industries Automation Corporation
Headquarters for the systems provider for the stock and commodities exchanges.  Fully intelligent building with full redundancy of mechanical and electrical systems.
Beringer Ingerheim North American Headquarters
Corporate offices and amenities for US operations group.  300,000 sf low rise structure located in rural Connecticut.

Pierrepont Office Building

38 story facilities for Morgan Stanley in Brooklyn Heights.  Intelligent building with full redundancy of mechanical and electrical systems. 

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