107 story supertower located on the sea of japan as the centerpiece of a comprehensive urban masterplan for Busan Korea. LEED gold project including office, retail, residential and hotel.
35 story Commercial Office Tower in the Makati distruct of Manila Philippines. LEED silver project for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer.
PDC Tower
68 story Office Tower and Retail Base located in the Maslak district of Istanbul Turkey
Zhuhai Center
Beachfront complex including 4 residential towers and one commercial tower on a retail base in Zhuhai China.
Masterplan thru Design Development of 600 square meters of mixed use development including two super towers in China.
Mixed use complex of three residential buildings, four office buildings and a five star hotel in the central business district in Chengdu province.
Hainan Province New World City
Master Plan for a 12 blocks area at the center of the new Bund in Hainan province including three hotels, three office buildings and associated infrastructure.
Taibao Mixed-Use Complex
Office tower, residential tower and lowrise office building in Shanghai province totaling 40,000 Square Meters.
Sultan City for Humanitarian Services
Rehabilitation hospital including 28 buildings on 1 million square meter site near Rayadh, Saudi Arabia.

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