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The Messy Artist

The Messy Artist 
The Messy Artist is a studio for kids from preschool age through high school. Donna Bernstein is the owner and maintains a strong focus on early childhood development. The studio project is a creative environment that supports her mission by creating an edifying space where imaginations can sore.The lofty ceilings and distinctive use of color create an image that exemplifies her brand and creates a presence. It is a place that people want to be.
Didactic intent
Children learn from everything that they come in contact with. The didactic intention of The Messy Artist space supports the learning mission. Fabric ductwork expands and contracts and the mechanical system runs through its cycles. Lighting of varied types and intensities respond to the ambient lighting needs of the space. The ceiling structure of the space is exposed to view and the life safety systems are clearly visible. The floor is dark near the windows and progressively  lighter as you get into the space. All this is done to help children understand how the environment works in a subtle, playful way.
Walls provide a sense of place within the larger space. Their configuration introduces a sense of adventure by making the path more mysterious. The offset curves and segmentation reduce sound reverberation without diminishing the volume.
All of the millwork and furniture are recycled and all of the building products were selected for their low VOC qualities and recycled content. Lighting fixtures are ceramic metal halide and high performance florescent resulting in low electrical and cooling costs. Excess building products were used in art projects. 
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