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Millburn/Short Hills Kitchen

Environmental Stewardship and Financial Benefit.

Pre-construction condition (circa 1950) of the kitchen. This project includes a small addition of 16 square feet to allow for a center island. The addition made a substantial difference in the character and functionality of the kitchen. A range in the center island made a communal space where family and friends can gather during meal preparation. Upper cabinets are limited to interior walls, leaving the perimeter open to windows.

Cabinets, counter tops, appliances and plumbing fixtures were gathered over time from a series of demolition projects. This kitchen reused finished construction materials, eliminating the need for reprocessing and keeping them out of landfills.

Material cost for this renovation and expansion project was $9,500. Most of this cost was used to purchase materials for rough masonry and carpentry. Reclaimed cabinet ($1,500), re-cutting of granite countertops ($1,500) and labor (500 hours).

The total cost of this project, including materials, appliances, labor and permits is under $30,000. Estimated increase in real estate value resulting from this renovation is $85,000. The homeowner saved over $55,000 in the cost of this kitchen. The quality of finishes is as good or better than new.

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