Bees Gone Wild Apiaries Derry PA

Bees Gone Wild Apiaries Derry PA
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Producing Honey Using

Ecological Beekeeping Methods

'Bees Gone Wild Apiaries' is located in Derry Pennsylvania, USA.  nestled in the beautiful Chestnut Ridge Mountain Range.  We specialize in the production of honey and honeybee products using humane and holistic beekeeping methods.  We do not use chemicals in our beehives,  insuring a safe and healthy product for our customers.  Services include a team of Beekeepers on call for Bee removal, honeybee swarm removal, in Westmoreland County, Latrobe, Derry, Jeannette, Greensburg, Ligonier, Irwin, Bolivar, Mount Pleasant, Bolivar, Indiana and Indiana County. 
Email: naturebee@yahoo.com            Phone: 724.694.5756

Cell Phone: 724.454.0077


Honey Prices                                                              

Pennsylvania Wildflower Honey

1 Pound Jar    ~   $ 7.00     (1/3 Quart)

2 Pound Jar    ~   $ 12.00     (2/3 Quart)

Honey Floral Varietial

Goldenrod Honey ...........1 pound jar......$8.00

Goldenrod ~ Honey plant throughout Canada and the North East with plum like clusters of golden yellow flowers.  Goldenrod Honey is thick with the golden yellow color of the flowers and a characteristic strong flavor and smell.

Tulip Honey ...................1 pound jar......$8.00

Yellow Popular ~ An exceptional honey plant of the mountainous regions of the eastern states.  The flowers resemble tulips of lilies with 6 rounded green petals orange at the base. The honey is amber and of thick body with a pleasant flavor. 

Black Locust Honey .....1 pound jar......$8.00

Black Locust ~ One of the finest honey plants of the North East. The flowers are white, very fragrant, drooping in showy clusters.  Locust Honey is extra-light with a heavy body and a smooth creamy texture and a pleasantly mild flavor.


Tupelo Honey