100 Bee Sting Remedies
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100 Bee Sting Remedies
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100 Bee Sting Remedies

Here are about 100 cures for bee stings. These are actual bee sting remedies practiced throughout the history of beekeeping. Some quotes contain singular remedies, and some multiple remedies. The numbers located at the end of each remedy are source reference numbers, for cataloging purposes.

The bee sting cures are listed here for entertainment and historical value only. Some of the cures may be dangerous and should NOT be used as a remedy.

For more about the history of Beekeeping and Honeybees

visit: Historical Honeybee Articles Archives

======100 Bee Sting Remedies=====

"To the part affected, apply oil of tartar, or solution
of potash, and it will give instant ease; as also well
bruised mallows." (1)

"Sweet oil, applied immediately, cures the sting of wasps
and bees; and if the sting is left in the wound, it should,
if possible, be extracted with hair pincers" (1)

"The immediate application of Eau du Luce to many persons
who have been stung by wasps, has caused the pain to subside
in a few seconds, and after a few minutes all inflammation
ceased." (1)

"Spread over the part a plaster of salad oil and common salt;
if oil be not at hand, the salt may be used, moistened with
water or vinegar. Or, keep the part constantly moist with
a rag dipped in sal-volatile and cold water, as strong as
can be borne without raising the skin." (2)

"immediately after taking out the sting, get an onion and
bruise it, and apply it to the stung place, and it will
afford immediate relief. Or, a washerwoman's blue bag,
applied in the same manner, will have a like effect." (2)

"Swelling may instantly be arrested by an application of
equal parts common salt and bicarbonate of soda, dissolved
in warm water, and well rubbed in on the place bitten or
stung." (3)

"Rub the part affected with a mixture of 1 part spirits
of hartshorn and 2 parts olive oil." (3)

"Dissolve 1 ounce borax in 1 pint water that has been boiled
and allowed to cool. Instead of plain water, distilled rose-water,
elder, or orange-flower water is more pleasant. The bites
are to be dabbed with the solution as long as there is any
irritation. For bees' or wasps' stings the borax solution
may be made of twice the above strength." (3)

"The treatment in ordinary cases consists in extracting the
sting, and applying some refrigerant and astringent lotion,
as vinegar and water, or a solution of muriate of ammonia." (4)

"Spirits of hartshorn or ammonia will give instant relief." (5)

"Potash Water Is the quickest cure for wasp stings; a small
quantity should be kept in a glass-stoppered bottle. Open
the sting with a needle, and put on one drop of the potash
water." (6)

“For bee sting put a tobacco quid on it.”(7)

"Put the milk of celandine on the sting of bees or bumble
bees." (7)

"To stop the smarting of a bee sting apply some clay kneaded
and thinned with urine." (7)

"Apply clay to a bee sting." (7)

A bee sting treated with ammonia and whisky, will relieve
you in a measure. (8)

"salve a bee sting with its honey" (9)

"Cure a bee sting by covering it with earwax." (10)

"Immediate relief from a bee sting can be secured by covering
it with a piece of lean raw meat." (10)

"When you are stung by a bee, apply a mud poultice to check
the swelling and to lessen the pain." (10)

"Chew plantain leaves and place them on a bee sting." (10)

"Rub a slice of onion over a bee sting to remove the pain
and swelling." (10)

"Rub a bee sting with a mixture of yellow clay and juice
from peppermint leaves." (10)

"A mixture of vinegar and clay applied to a bee sting." (10)

"If a bee sting is covered with three leaves from three
different kinds of weeds, swelling will be prevented and
soreness removed." (10)

"If you are stung by a bee, use hartshorn: if bitten by a
snake get drunk." (11)

"The instant any one is stung, wet some cut tobacco and
lay at once on the spot; hold it there a few minutes and
the cure is complete." (12)

"If the bees have stung you, press the hollow of your watch
key, or a small tube, over the sting to extract it, and
bathe the place with aqua ammonia, or moisten saleratus" (12)

"Soft soap will often prove the best antidote for a
bee sting." (12)

"When stung by a bee or wasp, the best thing to do is to
bathe the place with very strong soda and water — hot water
is best" (13)

"Castor oil is said to be an infallible remedy for the
stings of bees and other insects. It appears to counteract
the poison and allay the pain as soon as applied. (14)

“Ipecacuanha, made into a paste is most marked, preventing
to a large extent the swelling and pain which follow the
bee's sting." (15)

"Touch a bee-sting with ice, anon the pain is gone." (16)

"If you would prefer to treat bee stings naturally, use
fresh cow manure." (17)

"A lump if wet saleratus, applied to the sting of a wasp
or bee, will stop the pain in one moment, and prevent it
from swelling." (18)

"If any person should be stung by a bee or other insect,
rub some sprits of turpentine on the place, and the pain
will nearly cease in one minute." (19)

"for sting of bees, apply chalk or whiteing mixed with
vinegar." (20)

"the best remedy for the sting of the bee and the wasp
is the application of salt moistened with a little water;
and even in a case where a person has been stung in the pipe,
by accidentally swallowing one in a draught of any kind
of liquor, the alarming symptoms that ensue may be almost
instantly relieved by swallowing repeated doses of water
saturated with salt." (21)

"-A fresh tomato leaf is said to be a sovereign cure for
a bee sting." (22)

"Take equal parts of soda and vinegar, and rub it on the
place stung, while the stuff is fomenting. It will give
relief immediately. " (23)

"dampened soda we have found to be about the best remedy,
also fresh mud." (24)

"no remedy probably is superior, or even equal, to the
common plantain. It should be pounded and applied to the
wound as soon as possible. If the juice be taken internally,
it will also be found highly useful." (25)

"The most simple and perfect cure for the effects of the
poison from the sting of a bee, is to wet a piece of indigo
and rub on the spot; this will immediately relieve the pain,
if applied soon, and prevent the swelling." (26)

"rub the bee that has stung us, or any other bee, around the
wound. This is making the body the antidote to the tail." (27)

"Against the smarting and swelling caused by a bee-sting….wet
the part freely at once with one's saliva affords immediate
relief (because of its alkaline quality)." (28)

"the first thing to do on being stung by a bee is to remove
the sting, suck the poison out and compress the skin around
the lesion; then cold water should be applied to the sting
area and the lesion should be rubbed with onion. Parsley
leaves, wormwood, mint, fresh honeysuckle berries, vinegar
with water, water with quicklime, volatile alkali or a drop
of phenol, Lysol, thymol, are all good for alleviating pain." (29)

"The juice of the ripe berry of the common coral honeysuckle
(Lonicera caprifolium) is the best remedy I have ever used
for the sting of bees, wasps, hornets, &c." (30)

"The milky juice of the white poppy is highly recommended.
An old German writer states that it will instantaneously
allay the pain and prevent swelling." (30)

"I have found cold water to be the best remedy for a
bee-sting." (30)

"An old English Apiarian advises a person who has been stung,
to catch as speedily as possible another bee, and make it
sting on the same spot" (30)

"The leaves of the trumpet honeysuckle species were ground
by chewing and then applied to bee stings." (31)

"Rubbing a wet aspirin on the area where you were stung
can help neutralize some of the inflammatory agents in
the venom," (32)

"Make a paste with meat tenderizer and water and apply it
to the sting," (32)

"Some doctors say baking soda can help ease bee sting pain." (32)

"Sometimes dabbing some household ammonia on the sting
also does the trick" (32)

"One of the best ways to relieve the pain of a bee sting
is to simply take a mild pain reliever such as aspirin,
ibuprofen (Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol)," (32)

"Benadryl or another nonprescription antihistamine will
ease swelling and pain in adults. An antihistamine- containing
cough syrup such as Benylin works better for children," (32)

"Another home remedy for bee stings is to tape a penny over
the sting area and leave it on for at least 15 minutes." (33)

"Some recommend an ice pack to reduce the swelling and
smearing toothpaste (yes, ordinary toothpaste) or a paste
of baking soda and water." (34)

honeysuckle, “the juice from the stems is used as an antidote

for bee stings” (35)

"Put bruised rag weeds on a bee sting." (36)

"Put household bluing on a bee sting and the swelling
will go down." (37)

"Take freshly crushed parsley and rub it on the bee sting.
This should stop the pain and at the same time, begin to
neutralize the poison." (38)

"Make a paste out of St. John's wort oil and bentonite clay
and apply it directly on the bee stings." (38)

"Take fresh papaya, and slice off a slice. Apply it to the
bee stings for about 1 hour." (38)

"Lime water, ammonia water and camphor are excellent remedies,
lime winter being especially soothing." (39)

"Campho phenique has the reputation of being a ready and
powerful antidote for all kinds of insect stings, not only
neutralizing poison, but acting as a powerful local anesthetic." (39)

"the tincture of iodine is good, but discolors the skin
for several days." (39)

"When stung by a bee, wasp or mosquito immediately plunge
the affected part into or bathe with salt and water. If
this is not available make a paste of some clay and water
and apply it to the sting. Bathing with laudanum, hartshorn
or camphorated spirits is also useful." (40)

"Should a sting become very painful and inflamed the blood
must be in a bad state; and it is well to take a strong
purgative and refrain from animal food for a few days." (40)

"One drop of the oil of sassafras applied to the injured
part will, it is said, instantly stop the pain and swelling
of the bite or sting of any poisonous insect, bee, wasp, hornet,
spider or musquito." (41)

"The poison of a bee sting may be forced out by pressing
the barrel of a key firmly for a minute over the wound.
No wound or swelling will result." (42)

"A silver coin supplied to a bee sting is believed to not
only remove the pain but to extract the sting." (43)

"For the stings of bees, wasps and hornets bathe quickly
with Brazilian Balm. It kills the poison and stops the
pain instantly." (44)

"People who live in the country should keep Salvation Oil,
the infallible antidote for the poisonous stings of bees
and wasps." (45)

"Don't scream and howl when stung by a bee, but just run
for the shears, or in fact anything in the way of steel.
Then press the wound firmly with the steel and the poison
will soon come out." (46)

"In case there is much pain, apply cold cloths or a solution
of boric acid." (47)

"if peroxide is immediately applied to the wound of a bee
sting it will give instant relief." (48)

"Epsom salts is the best bet here. Bathe the irritated place
with a solution of the salts and then if you can get a bit
of ice wrap it in a piece of cloth and hold it against the
sting. The Epsom salts will do most of the job." (49)

"In the case of a bee or hornet stings, remove the stinger
left in the wound if possible, and apply Pheno-Isolin.
This will stop the pain and reduce the swelling,” (50)

"Some Cherokee used the Ramp in ancient medicine in a
spring tonic tea and a poultice to treat bee stings." (50)

Goats Beard, Brides Feathers, (Aruncus dioiccus)

"The Cherokee applied pounded root on bee stings" (51)

"Wild garlic has strong antiseptic properties. Native
Americans and settlers often applied the plan juices to
wounds and burns. The Dakota and Winnebago used the plant
to treat bee stings and snakebites." (52)

Purple Coneflower, "Plains Indians used the root to treat
snakebites, bee stings, headaches, stomach cramps, toothaches,
and sore throats, and for distemper in horses." (53)

"Stiff Goldenrod…The flowers are used to make a lotion for
bee stings, also to cure swollen faces." (54)

Coconut oil, "relieves the itching, pain, and swelling of
bee stings," (55)

Chickweed, "In the northeast of England it has been applied
to bee stings." (56)

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