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The Feral Bee Project ~ Bee Rescue Program

The Feral Bee Project ~ Bee Rescue Program, will list beekeepers here for free, who wish to humanly rescue honeybees, and relocate them to their beeyard.  Swarm Removal, Honey bee Colony Removal, serving South Western Pennsylvania.

A list of Beekeepers available for honeybee swarm and colony removal.  Serving Westmoreland County, Latrobe, Derry, Donegal Jeannette, Greensburg, Ligonier, Bolivar, Mount Pleasant, Indiana and Indiana County.

If you are a beekeeper who wishes to be added to the Honeybee Rescue List, please send your name, contact information, and what services you offer to: 
Feral Bee Project Bee Rescue Program, naturebee@yahoo.com

If you are a pest exterminator company who wishes to become involved in the 'Feral Bee Project Bee Rescue Program' , please email naturebee@yahoo.com 

===== Westmoreland County PA Bee Rescue List =====

Joe Waggle
Home:  724.694.5756  Cell:  724.454.0077
Email:  naturebee@yahoo.com
Will remove honeybee swarms. Extraction of hives from buildings and expert on site consultation available.  

===== Bee Rescue Programs in other States =====

Spirit Bee keeps a swarm list of about 30-40 organic and biodynamic beekeepers in southwest Washington (around Vancouver, WA) and the greater Portland, Oregon area. Jacqueline Freeman  360-687-8384
Spirit Bee: Helping Bees Sing the Song of Increase

===== Responsible Pest Exterminators, who protect honeybees. =====

Thanks to D-Bug Inc.  for their commitment towards protecting the Honeybees.

Beekeeper Resource Links:

Yahoo Group - Feral Bee Project 

Facebook - Feral Bee Project
Facebook - Historical Honeybee Articles 

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