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United States Sailing Association (U.S. Sailing)

United States Yacht EnsignThe United States Sailing Association is the governing body for the sport of sailing in the United States under the authority of the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act of 1998. U.S. Sailing was founded as the North American Yacht Racing Union in 1897, bringing together six regional sailing associations in the United States and Canada. With a separate body having been founded for Canada, the NAYRU changed its name to the United States Yacht Racing Union in 1976 and to the present name in 1991. U.S. Sailing comprises regional sailing associations, scholastic and intercollegiate sail racing bodies, and associations dedicated to the racing of single classes of sailboats. U.S. Sailing administers the rules of racing, adjudicates protests and appeals, sanctions races, and oversees U.S. participation in international amateur and Olympic sailing competitions. In addition to the burgee shown, U.S. Sailing also uses a rectangular white flag in 2:3 proportions with the same logo on the center.

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Boat Owners Association of the United States (BOAT-US)

Boat Owners Association of the 
United StatesBOAT-US is a national organization that represents the political interests of boat owners by sponsoring and supporting legislation, conducting public affairs efforts, and the like. It also provides services to boat owners in the forms of group rates on insurance and similar needs. BOAT-US was founded in 1966.

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American Power Boat Association

Power Boat AssociationThe American Power Boat Association, established in 1903, is the organizing body for professional and semiprofessional power boat racing. Accordingly, the APBA sets rules, sanctions races, and sets safety and performance standards for the sport.

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Cruising Club of America

Cruising Club of America The Cruising Club of America, founded in the early 1920s, exists to support and encourage the sport of deep water ocean cruising and "the adventurous use of the sea." To those ends, it supports research on boat designs and safety, conducts safety at sea training, sponsors the biennial Newport-to-Bermuda boat race, and awards the Blue Water Medal for meritorious examples of seamanship.

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International Order of the Blue Gavel

Order of the Blue Gavel The International Order of the Blue Gavel is an organization of some 4,000 former commodores of recognized yacht clubs, founded in 1953 and dedicated to preserving the traditions, customs, and ethics of yachting and to promoting camaraderie among its members. The Order conducts training programs for young sailors and for prospective yacht club officers, supports such activities as Sea Scouts, promotes antipollution and safety efforts, and helps fund a number of charitable causes such as cancer research and the Make a Wish Foundation.

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