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Case Updates


The Norfolk police are currently holding 4 individuals in connection with the shooting death of Jerome Tyree, Sr.  The police have cited the motive to be robbery. The first court date is scheduled for May 24, 2006.



Man, 20, pleads guilty to murder

The Virginian-Pilot
May 23, 2006

NORFOLK — A 20-year-old man pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and a weapon charge Monday.

Brian Keith Watson is scheduled to be sentenced in November.

He was charged in the October killing of Jerome Tyree , 21, on the corner of Chapel Street and East Virginia Beach Boulevard.

Tyree was shot five times, according to an autopsy report.




Hi Kelley,
              I just found out we will be going to court Tuesday Aug 1, 2006 in Norfolk. Another male will be indicted in the killing of Hog his name is Lavonte Holley. The family is welcome to attend, actually this is the preliminary hearing and if you know anyone that wants to attend tell them to contact me or just come to the courtroom and look on the docket for LaVonte Holley. The commonwealth attorney is providing transportation for me and my kids. I will let you know what happens the minute I come from court.
LaVonte Holley is the youngest person charged. The prosecuter told me that their are other charges pending.




Brian Watson was suppose to testify today in court against the 2nd suspect, LaVontae Holley. Brian got in court today and lied under oath. He claimed that LaVontae Holley didn't shoot Hog. He professed to have had acted alone and that there was no one else around. For some reason these boys are scared of LaVontae. Now the deal Brian Watson struck with the proscuter to testify against the other 3 is off the table and Brian Watson will probably never see the light of day.
LaVontea's case will now be moved to Criminal (Circuit) court and out of Juvinile and Domestic. He will face a jury charged as an adult. This will occur sometime in January or February.
Please keep Jewell and her immediate family in your prayers and pray for a positive outcome.

November 9, 2006 -  Sentencing for Brian Watson
November 28, 2006 - Jury for LaVontae Holley

The Virginian-Pilot
November 10, 2006

Norfolk: Shooter to serve life plus 3 years for 2005 slaying

A man will serve life plus three years for an October 2005 killing at the corner of Chapel Street and East Virginia Beach Boulevard.

Jerome Tyree, 21, was shot five times while waiting for a bus. Brian Keith Watson pleaded guilty in May to first-degree murder and using a gun.

Tyree's mother, Jewel Jones, said her son left behind a 1-year-old son.

Another man charged in the crime, Lavontae Holley, is scheduled to be tried later this month on November 28.

- Michelle Washington

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Compiled and Published by: Kelley Hooker
(Daughter of Eola Valentine-Foreman, Granddaughter of Willie George Valentine
& Great-Granddaughter of John and Rosa Valentine)