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Work Skiff Page 1

Work Skiff Page 2 (under construction)

Step one is to get some great plywood.  I found some 6 ply 1/2" marine grade plywood  from Downes and Reader in Stoughton. MA.  Compared to the stuff I had used in Diablo, this was a dream to work with.  

Step 1 - Layout the frames and transom.  I built the transom from 4 layers of 1/2" with a mahogany frame inset.  My first attempt left the transom too small.  (wish I had a photo of this), and I paid for it in several additional sheets of plywood as I approached the finishing stages as I did not have enough sheets to complete the journey due to this small error.  It was a $120 mistake.  Measure several times prior to cutting these pieces.   The stem is a pretty straightforward project, however I lack a bandsaw.  Therefore, I did it by hand.  Time consuming, but doable.

Step 2 -  Layout the sides.  I used Payson style glass but joints.  They are as strong as the ply itself and took to bending quite easily.  (once again, I should have took a photo, but went right to set up as the year was drawing close with the weather window.

Step 3 -  Carefully align the frames on the frame marks clearly visible on the plans.  A little bit off here, and it makes fitting and cutting everything else a bear.  Notice I am off by a 32nd on a inch.  It makes a difference.  I did brace the sides to the wooden structure of the garage to help with this.  



Step 4 . - The bottom

The bottom is supported by temporary 2X4's and a couple of 2X6's this makes an easier platform to work on which to align things.  Notice how the lawnmower and tablesaw are outside temporarily.  Watch for the appearance of the snowblower shortly.  


After the bottom is on, it is time to use the glass mat tape to join the panels permanently.  I hollow out a shallow trench to lay the glass into with a 7" disk grinder otherwise nicknamed the wood eraser.

The glass is set in epoxy and then a layer of wax paper is pressed into it with a wide bladed taping knife.  This comes out baby bottom smooth and is easy to fair and smooth later on.


Ok, we are now ready to clean up and get it out for glassing.  
IMG_0916.JPG IMG_0917.JPG

Yes, It is New England and we do ski here despite Global Warming.