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Poems And Prose About Papillons

Cosmo wears her sunglasses




Cosmo The Papillon
Joan Ross 2004

Some people shake their fingers and cluck their tongues cause I came from a pet shop , no special breeder was found

But my mom was very lucky, I was healthy and grew with leaps and bounds

My fur is silky soft , somewhat short, and my wispy ear fringes don't touch my feet

But my Papillon personality is so special and my six pound overall looks really can't be beat.

I am stopped by many who tell me I am so incredibly adorable

They scoop me up and kiss me and want to take me home, how horrible !

I am very smart, obedient too- plus so many tricks I know so well,

I can dance and twirl, jump through hoops and even push a toy shopping cart, oh well !

But most of all, I love people; I will kiss ,lick and wiggle ;

I am Cosmo, The Papillon, and I make just about every kid giggle !!!

Mom tells me I am a cutie, You better believe it
She even has my name on her license plate to prove it !


written by Joan Ross 6/2003

Look at me!
I am a Papillon.
My alert eyes are big, brown and expressive.
My head and muzzle are small and my face is so sweet.
My large ears are upright and shaped like butterfly wings
I come in pleasing colors of black, red, and sable- all with white
I almost look like a gremlin!
My breed is becoming very popular.
You will fall in love  with me, I'm sure

Look at me!
I am always happy and quite active.
Mostly quiet; I bark to alert
Hold me tight ; I love you so
Take me everywhere ; I am your life long companion
Teach me agility or how to be a therapy dog
I learn so fast; I love to please
I am a little dog with a BIG heart
Everyday, Life is an adventure as long as we are together !



Dedicated To MY Cosmo
written by Cosmo's mom, Joan Ross

My sweet Cosmo with frilly ears and fluffy tail, I love you so
My sweet butterfly doggie with eyes so brite and pink soft tongue,I watch you grow
My sweet doggie soul so gentle and sweet
with tiny rabbit like feet
My sweet Cosmo ,so agile ,so happy and so eager
I am glad you came into my life
My sweet Papillon, we will fly together
and share Life's adventures


The poem below on your page, Papillons Are, was written by my son, Jared, when he was ten years old. I'm glad you enjoyed it. He really did a good job, didn't he? I am a proud mother of his work.

Deb Cawley

This lovely poem was sent to me by a fan of Cosmo and fully describes Paps.
Written by Jared Cawley

Butterfly dogs with long silky hair
Feathery tails that float through the air
Givers of kisses, with warm wet noses
That warm your soul right down to your toe-ses
Pretty little dogs that are so smart
They love their masters with all their hearts.
Loaded with charm, intelligence and ability,
They sail with ease through obedience and agility
White and sable, white and red,
And sometimes mismarked we dread,
Cute little tri's and black and white
And with eyes that shine so bright.
A warm little body with a great big heart
From their masters they never want to be apart,
They'll love you forever until their life ends,
Forever and ever they'll be your best friend.
written by Jared Cawley age 10

A Papillon's Universal Mother's Day Wish
Joan Ross, 2004

Mom, I love you dearly , deeply and unconditional.
You hold me so tight against you and I feel your love.

I look into your eyes and see your human kindness and wisdom.
And I am so glad I am yours ; I feel so secure.

I want to be your special butterfly now and always.
Let's fly together in Life's adventures.

As long as we have each other, even the dark days will be sunny.
I'll lick your tears away; I'll kiss away your heartaches.

Happy Mother's Day today and forever
Your loving Papillon


Be My Forever Papillon
Joan Ross 2004

My sweet, soft, tiny puppy lays on my lap,
Its little head rests on my hand. And its bright shiny eyes look up towards me.
How I love you my little butterfly. You look so fragile.
Stay with me forever

You follow me everywhere and everything is an adventure,
I need to protect you my butterfly child since the world is such a big place.
I take sticks, grass and pine cones, away from you.
Please don't eat them. Stay with me forever.

You grow so fast. I am amazed how much you have learned.
Agility, obedience and fetch and play....
You kiss and wiggle whenever you meet someone new.
You love them too but I love you more. Stay with me forever.

It amazes me how loyal you are.
You bark to alert and often growl softly when in my bed at night.
You lick my arms and legs then sigh, curl into a ball and go to sleep.
You are so funny when you do the zoomies and all those other Papillon things.
Please stay with me forever

Your muzzle sprouts a few gray hairs now and sometimes you rest more.
But alertness and love still shines from your soft brown eyes.
My butterfly dog please grow old with me
We still have many things to do and see
Be my Forever Papillon and stay with me forever


On Butterfly Wings
Ilse Anderson 2004
For Renee on the tragic deaths of her two beloved Papillons


A Prince and a Princess
Together they run
In fields and great meadows
In the Land of the sun.


They frolic
They dance
Their feet free of weight
They even do zoomies
Behind Heaven's gate


The Prince looks quite often
Back down at the Earth
His Princess beside him
So bright and alert.


They look at their Kingdom
Now heavy with pain
The heart of their master
Is feeling the same


They wish they could take
All her sorrow away
To make her heart lighter
With each passing day.


They wish she could see them
In God's special place
It would make her smile
And dry tears from her face.


For right here in Heaven
There is no despair
Only peace and contentment
A life without care.


For right here in Heaven
There never is night
The sun never sets
And the fields are so bright.


The meadows are green
Filled with blossoms that sing
And on each little flower
A butterfly wing.


Someday they will send her
A king and a queen
To restore the old kingdom
With laughter again.


A Prince and a Princess
Together they run
In fields and great meadows
Where Life's just begun.



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