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Massachusetts State Police (Vintage Photos)

Massachusetts State Police Photos
Massachusetts State Police (Vintage Photos)
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Boston Police Department (Vintage Photos)
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Massachusetts State Police Vintage Vehicles :

All photos featured on this page Courtesy of:

Greg MacKay, Bob Bricker, Gerard Donnelly or unless otherwise noted.

Indian Motorcycle Circa 1920's or 1930's
State Trooper Jack Avedian Photo Courtesy Pete Loconto

Indian Motorcycle Circa 1920's or 1930's
State Trooper Jack Avedian Photo Courtesy Pete Loconto




1931 Ford
Photo Courtesy The State Police Association of Massachusetts



1935 Indian Scout
Photo Courtesy Richard H OLoughlin Jr

Reader Submittal…
A truly excellent historical photograph..

This is Richard H. O’Loughlin Sr. Boston Mass State Police 1935 Indian Scout. He was a member of the Massachusetts (Mass) State Police. He retired badge number one many years ago and past many years ago as well.

Sent in by his grandson.! Thanks Again Richard! Fantastic pic!


1936 Motorcycle
Photo Courtesy of the Massachusetts State Police

MSP Trooper 1936 Topsfield
Source "The Internet"


1940's Ford Cruiser
Ray Ackerman - Second from the Left. Serviced the Cars. Mechanic. Photo Thanks to Sue Hall

1940 Ford
Cruiser Photo Courtesy Norman Rhodes


1941 Ford
Photo Courtesy The State Police Association of Massachusetts


1945 Motorcycle Unit
Photo Courtesy

1945 Chevy Fleetline
Photo Courtesy Hervey P. Cote collection


1949 Ford
Photos Courtesy Mike Rubino


1951 Ford
MA State Police Photo Courtesy of Andrew Size


1954 Ford
Source "the Internet"

1954 Ford
Source "the Internet"

1. The siren/light on the roof is the same as on the

M.D.C Police and Boston Police vehicles of this era.

2. Note front and rear bumper guards - extra cost


3..Note straight numeral plates.

4. Note fleet type driver's door mirror.

5. Note the lettering for "MASSACHUSETTS" on the trunk.

6. Note the reflective square plaque on both the front

and rear "EMERGENCY FIRST AID", with the Red Cross

logo. This was common on both, the MSP cruisers, and

posted outside the barracks during this time.

7. Note the optional! single backup light on the left

rear next to the bumper guard.

8. Note the different taillight lenses. one has chrome

trim, while the other does not. Probably a


9. Note that, as this was the base line model, the

trim around the windshield and the backlight ( rear

window ) was black rubber instead of chrome.

Information Thanks to “Bob Bricker”



1955 Ford
Photo Courtesy of the Massachusetts State Police Museum and Learning Center


1956 Buick Century, Massachusetts State Police
Pictured above is E.V.O.O.A. member Philipe Coumert's Massachusetts State Police cruiser replica


1957 Ford
Photo Courtesy Gerard Donnelly

1957 Ford 300
Photo Courtesy The Massachusetts State Police Museum & Learning Center

MSP #23 '57 Ford Ranch Wagon - Solid Color
Photo Courtesy The Massachusetts State Police Museum & Learning Center

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Massachusetts Turnpike Authority Vehicles
(Owned by the Pike but driven by MA State Troopers) :

1957 Chrysler Massachusetts State Police Turnpike
Source "The Internets"

1957 Chrysler owned by the

Mass. Turnpike Authority and manned by MSP Troopers

These cruisers had 392 ci Hemis and were screamers. I know

having ridden in one. They had a top speed of 150

MPH. They were replaced by Ford Bluebird wagons in


Information Provided Via Email. Thank You  Mr. Koch


1966 Chrysler Massachusetts State Police Turnpike
Source "The Internets"

1966 Chrysler owned by the

Mass. Turnpike Authority and manned by MSP Troopers

assigned to the Pike.

assigned to the Pike. They were Kelly green and

white with Chrysler 440 c.i. engines. They had a

stretcher in the back, and transported the sick and

injured to the local hospitals. The Turnpike used

Chrysler wagons, exclusively from the Pike's opening

in 1957 through 1970, when they started using Ford

sedans utilizing their own specs, different from the

regular MSP owned cruisers. The Chryslers were

ordered painted in MSP Blue Bird colors beginning

around 1968 or so. As the Pike was owned by the

Mass. Turnpike Authority, it had its own rules and

regulations, thus allowing for the use of red

emergency lights facing both front and rear on their


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1960 Ford Custom
Photo Courtesy Sgt. Mike Crosby, Mass. State Police ( Ret. ).

Standing by his 1960 Ford Custom two door sedan, is Trooper Robert Ryan. This view shows how low the 1957 through 1964 Fords used to sit.


Anyway, I remember seeing these on the road back then. The two large dual faced lollipop lights on top of the rear quarter panels were mounted there, due to the "Speed Check" clock obscuring the rear view of the Beacon Ray light on the roof. This device was used by many police agencies, throughout the country during the late 1950's, as a means to slow down speeding motorists.

1960 Ford Ranch Wagon - Unknown Location
Photo Courtesy The Massachusetts State Police Museum & Learning Center

MSP #58 1960 Ford @ Comm. Armory, Boston
Photo Courtesy The Massachusetts State Police Museum & Learning Center


In memory of Basil "BB" Walsh
Photo Courtesy Mike Walsh

1961 Ford Fairlane
MA State Police Photo Courtesy of Darryl Lindsay

1961 Ford
MA State Police Photo Courtesy of Bob Bricker

1961 Willys/ Jeep Wagon & blood hound trailer
Photo Courtesy Massachusetts State Police Museum & Learning Center


1963 Ford Custom
Photo Courtesy Hervey P.Cote collection

This is a 1963 Ford Custom with the famous 390 c.i.d. / 330 HP Interceptor engine. They were equipped with a special heavy duty three speed manual transmission, with the shift lever mounted on the steering column ( "3 on the tree" ). Some troopers had reported clocking a couple of these 1963 Fords at 153.3 MPH on radar on State Rte. 6, back in the day!

1963 Ford Galaxie
Photo Credit Daniel Driscoll, MSP Photo Section S.P.A.M

Same Unit just a closer look / view


1965 Ford Custom
Photo Courtesy of Bob Bricker

1965 Ford custom another view
Photo Courtesy of Bob Bricker

All Photos Taken in 1965 

There are some things worthy of note in the photos...


1) Note the 2 color dome on the Beacon Ray light -

this was common ! on most police cruisers until the

late '60's or early '70's.

2) Note the registration plate. I think the plates

were good for 2 years back then, and they were made of

steel, so that it was a real chore to change the

plates, because of the rust on both the plates and,

the nuts and bolts that attached them. when they


3) Note the low band whip antenna was the ONLY antenna

on the cruiser, as they only had 1 radio, and no

stereo, not even an AM radio !!

4) Note that this was the last year for the "STATE

POLICE" lettering on the hood. Starting with the '66

models, the "STATE POLICE" lettering was relocated to

the front fenders, which made the cruisers much easier

to spot for the lead foot drivers, like me, back in

the day. Also, no roof numbers, yet.

5) None of the MSP cruisers in this era had either air

conditioning or power steering. The rear window

defroster was a blower instead of electric.

6) Note the driver's door mirror. This was a Ford

design option that dated back to the '40's, as door

mirrors had not been required by the Federal

government at this time, yet.

7) The only warning lights other than the Beacon Ray,

were the four way hazard flashers, which were a

special option that were not required on civilian

vehicles until 1966. Wig - w! ags had not been

invented yet, just high beam headlights, day or night.

This was also the last year that MSP used the old

under hood electric "wind up" sirens. The electronic

siren/ pa systems were ordered beginning with the '66


8) Note the station wagons - some were still being

ordered until '91 or '92 ( Chevy ).

9) Not shown - I remember seeing a small number of

'65 Dodge Coronet 2 door Blue Birds with, I think,

383c.i. engines. One of the Dodge dealers must have

been awarded part of the bid that year. This was also

the ere prior to the take home cruisers, so that the

vehicles were traded just about every year or two, at

the most. It was common to see the odometers with

under 60,000 miles back then, when it came time to

trade ( also, before the auctions came into being).

10) Note the backup lights - these were an extra cost

option until 1966, when the Federal government made

them a requirement.


1966 Ford Custom
Photo Courtesy Massachusetts State Police Museum & Learning Center

This is a 1966 Ford Custom with a 428 C.I.D. Interceptor engine (dual belt drive ). This was the first year that the  "STATE POLICE" lettering was used on the front fenders, and deleted from the hood.  Also the first year for automatic transmissions spec'd for MSP cruisers.
This was taken at the garage located in the rear of the Framingham barracks before the GHQ and the Fleet Sections were built, and the Academy was relocated to New Braintree. The building in the background was the Supply Section. The older unmarked cruiser in the background is a 1964 Ford Custom  with a 390 C.I.D. Interceptor engine


1967 Ford Custom Unit 215
From the Hervey P. Cote Collection

1967 Ford Unit # 78
Cruiser Photo Courtesy Monty McCord

1967 Ford Station Wagon Photo Bob Bricker
The retsyled for 1967 Country Sedan continued to be Fords top selling station wagon.

The 1967 Fords were equipped with the 428 c.i.d."

Interceptor" engine, which was introduced in 1966,

as the replacement for the "390", but,

unfortunately, did not have the same impressive

power or speed. The Ford station wagons, from 1966

onward, were only available with single

exhausts instead of duals, which further cut into

their performance. 1968 was the last year that the

MSP purchased Ford station wagons.

Info thanks to Bob Bricker

1967 Ford Custom 2 door cruiser Unit #100
From the Hervey P. Cote Collection


1968 Chevrolet Impala
Photo Courtesy of Bob Bricker



1969 Plymouth Fury l
from the Hervy P. Cote collection

These are 1969 Plymouth Fury l four door sedans, which was the first year that four door sedans were purchased for Blue Birds.
- Info Thanks to Bob Bricker

1969 Plymouth Fury I MSP Cruiser
Photo Courtesy of the Massachusetts State Police Museum and Learning Center

Motorcycle Late 60's Early 70's
Photo Courtesy Ted Evangelous


1975 Harley Davison Motorcycle
Photo Courtesy Patrick Kirrane

Running Radar from the median Rte 495N
1975 Ford


77-79 Chevy Impala
Photo Courtesy Jat Weinstein

1977 Dodge Royal Monaco
Photo Courtesy Norm Ratcliffe


1981-1989 Ford LTD
Photo Courtesy Mike Crosby

1980's GMC diesel ramp truck
Fleet Services Framingham, MA Photo Courtesy of Bob Bricker

1980's Massachusetts State Police Airwing
Photo Courtesy Chris Gatto

1980's Utility Truck
Underwater Recovery Unit

1980's Ford Crown Victoria
Source "the Internet"

1980's GMC Utility Van
Cruiser 365 Photo Courtesy Gerard Donnelly

Cruiser 737C 1981 or 1982 Ford LTD S
Photo Courtesy Bob McKeon

- 1984 / 1985 -

1984 or 1985 Ford LTD Unit 927D
Picture Courtesy of the Internet.

1980's Ford CV
MSP Cruiser 883, Comm. Ave., Newton, MA Copyright Mike Rubino


1987 Ford LTD
Cruiser 1518 Photo Courtesy Gerard Donnelly



1988 or 1987 Ford LTD
Photo courtesy LoJack Corp

1988 Chevy Caprice
Photo Courtesy Eric Magee

1988 Chevorlet Caprice Classic
Cruiser 225A Photo Courtesy Bob Bricker

1980's Ford Crown Victoria 1989/1990
Photo Courtesy Ron Lamoly

1989 or 1990 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 1892 Former MDC Cruiser. Photo Courtesy Gerard Donnelly

1989 or 1990 Chevy Caprice Classic
Former Registry Vehicle assigned to the MA STATE PD after the Merger. Photo Gerard Donnelly


1990 Ford Crown Victoria
Courtesy Bob Bricker

The rear view was taken at Fleet, just after this former Met cruiser was repainted as a Blue Bird. Still has the Met light bar and deck lights. It's kind of tough to see the rear plate, but I think it may still have the Met plate. It still has the full wheel covers and high band radio antennae from its former Met life, and has yet to have the roof numbers and "STATE POLICE" lettering applied to the trunk lid.

In 1993 Following the State Police Merger All Former MDC Police / Registry Police / Capitol Police cars that were operable were painted in the "French and Electric Blue" scheme and were numbered in the 1000 to 2000 series up to about 2300.


1991 Chevy Caprice
Cruiser 786 Photo Courtesy Gerard Donnelly


1992 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 885 Photo Courtesy Gerard Donnelly

1992 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Wagon
Cruiser 1773 Photo Courtesy of John Sharisky


1993 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 2139 Photo Courtesy The Internet

Please Note:
1994 the MSP only purchased new vehicles for the MA Turnpike Division.


1995 Chevorlet Caprice
Cruiser 2490 Battleship U.S.S Massachusetts Photo Courtesy Sgt. Robert Leverone MSP

The photo of state police cruiser 2490 in

front of the USS Massachusetts was taken by me while

2490 was assigned to me. It was taken in 1999 at the

Black Falcon Terminal in Boston while the ship was

preparing to return to Fall River after a massive

restoration effort.


Sgt. Robert Leverone,

Massachusetts State Police


1996 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 558 Photo Courtesy Greg MacKay

1996 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 842 Photo Courtesy Tallen

In an effort to become more "Covert" the Massachusetts State Police Painted their Cruisers Yellow to mimic a Taxicab.  


1997 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 1901


1998 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 351

Here is unit 351 At Auction 09/28/06
Photo Courtesy Tallen at


1999 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 950 Photo Courtesy Greg MacKay


2000 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 352 (Destoryed in a car accident 2005)


2001 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 1117

Cruiser 1057 2001 Ford Crown Victoria Semi-Marked
Photo Courtesy Trooper Jasinskas

2001 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 1123 Photo Courtesy Greg MacKay


2002 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 998 Photo Courtesy Greg MacKay

2002 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 1256 Photo Courtesy Greg MacKay


Cruiser 1136 2003 Ford Crown Victoria
Photo Courtesy Trooper J. Perry

2003 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 1523 Photo Courtesy Greg MacKay


2004 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 610 Photo Courtesy Greg MacKay

2004 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 1822 Photo Courtesy Greg MacKay


2005 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 203 Photo Courtesy Greg MacKay

2005 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 617 Photo Courtesy Doug B

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