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Massachusetts State Police Photos

Massachusetts State Police Photos
Massachusetts State Police (Vintage Photos)
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Boston Police Department (Vintage Photos)
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Massachusetts State Police Current Vehicles :


All photos featured on this page courtesy of:

Greg MacKay, Doug B, Andrew Size, Sgt. H. P. Cote, Vicken Boghossian, Trpr M. O'Neil  unless otherwise noted.

These photos are of "ACTIVE" MA State Police Vehicles.

Oldest Cars are on the Top of the page.

Newest Cars are on the Bottom of the Page.


2006 Dodge Charger
Cruiser 492 Photo Courtesy of John V.

2006 Ford Crown Victoria - Unit 254
Photo Courtesy Greg MacKay


2007 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 1823 Photo Courtesy Patrick Kirrane


2007 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 933 Photo Courtesy Greg MacKay


2008 Ford Police Interceptor
Photo courtesy "The Internet"

2008 Ford Crown Victoria
"microburst" weather damage on to a neighborhood in Russell. Photo Courtesy Trooper Mike O

2008 Ford Crown Victoria
road closure for a barn fire in Hatfield, following a lightning strike. Photo Thanks to Trooper Mike


2009 Dodge Charger
Cruiser 1205 Photo Courtesy the Massachusetts State Police

2009 Ford Crown Victoria's
Here is a row of fully marked 2009 cruisers awaiting issue back in April 2009. Photo Thanks to S. La

940K - 2009 Ford Crown Victoria
Photo Courtesy Chris Gatto

2009 Ford Crown Victoria Unit 955
Photo Courtesy Greg MacKay


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Massachusetts State Police - Specialty Vehicles

Massachusetts State Police Incident Command Unit
Photo Thanks to "Kenny"

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Massachusetts State Police Academy  :

2006 Ford F Series Ambulance
Cruiser 911 Photo Courtesy Emergencyservicepics at

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Flatbed and 51 Ford
Photo Courtesy of Steve Lapienski

2006 Freightliner
Cruiser 2078 Photo Courtesy A. W Size

2004 Ford Cab chassis Fleet Services
Cruiser 2002 Photo Courtesy Greg MacKay

1994 Chevy 3500
Fleet : Cruiser 2093 Photo Courtesy A. W Size

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State Police Airwing Section :
State Police Air Wing has provided the Commonwealth and its network of first responders with airborne support for over three decades. It is the largest and most comprehensive full time public safety aviation unit in New England. Aircrews stand ready to respond from three strategically located Air Bases within the state 365 days a year.

the MSP Airwing tug
the MSP Airwing tug

MSP Airwing
Photo Thanks to "Kenny"

2002 State Police Helicopter ID number N822PP
Photo Courtesy The State Police Association of Massachusetts


2010 Eurocopter EC135 massachusetts state police
Photo Courtesy Trooper Bennett (Ret.)

Metro Aviation delivers new Massachusetts State Police EC135

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Special Operations Division:
The department's K9 unit under the jurisdiction of the Special Operations Division is responsible for crowd control, prisoner escape & drug searches.

2004 Ford Crown Victoria
Cruiser 1314 K-9 Photo Courtesy Doug B

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Motorcycle Division :

Harley Davison
Photo Courtesy Patrick Kirrane

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State Police Traffic Operations :

C.A.R.S. is a full-time unit of highly trained officers, available 24-hours a day, seven-days a week, to provide expertise, technical assistance and specialized equipment to State Police personnel and local law enforcement.

2007 Ford Expedition Photo Courtesy Patrick Kirran
Cruiser 2174 State Police Collision Analysis & Reconstruction Section (C.A.R.S.)

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Mounted Unit :
Tactical Operations' Mounted Unit currently maintains over twenty mounts for deployment to assist at lost person searches. The Mounted Unit is regularly deployed to cover large wilderness and isolated areas. State Police Mounted Unit riders have been deployed in lost person searches from Mount Greylock in the Berkshires to Martha's Vineyard.

2006 Ford F 350
Cruiser 2022 Photo Courtesy Andrew Size

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State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section : (Truck Team)

1998 Chevrolet C2500
Cruiser 1919 Photo Courtesy Greg MacKay

The mission of the State Police Commercial Vehicle

Enforcement Section (CVES or  “Truck Team”)

is the responsibility to safe-guard the operation of

all this industrial traffic. The CVES operates an

extensive network of policing strategies driven by

leadership, expertise, collaboration and enforcement.

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