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Investigator Profile



Focus:  Haunt Investigator as opposed to the use of technology (meters/recording devices)


Field Investigative Personality

A)    – Controls the  Environment/Cultural Parameters

B)     – Contextually Focused

C)    – Physically Active/High Emotional Level




Investigative Perspective

(combine characteristics of three different professionals and their activities)




A)    Archaeologist


-         Do the preliminary B.A.R.E. Survey (Basic Activities and the Recording of the Environment).  This is for baseline readings and eliminating the “natural” agents.

-         Map and excavate the haunt networks (horizontal component), and haunt stratigraphy (vertical component of historical events and activities)

-         Prepare The Haunt Matrix to conceptualize the field environment, and operationalize the investigation.




B) – Anthropologist


-         Identify the Sociocultural context of the haunting.  This consists of four analytical elements:


1)      Compare – Haunt phases; Do no mix sensory manifestation.

2)       Holistic – Use all sensory manifestations associated with a given phase.

3)      Systematic – Organize sensory manifestations into interrelated assemblages.


4)      Relativity – Communicate on their terms within their sociocultural context and within the same haunt phase.




C) – Actor Investigator


-         Participate/Observe the haunt phenomenon

-          Develop the ghost script and organize a "framed" sequence of activities = haunt performance.

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