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The following are websites of which I have conducted research or field investigations with, or to which I have had personal contact.

Gettysburg Metaphysical Center

This is Rev. Francine Milano’s website.  She is a well-known psychic medium and experienced paranormal investigator.  Her workshops and lectures are well-organized and highly informative.  I have conducted numerous investigations at this site.  Various hauntings have been documented at this site.  Recommended.



Ghosts of the Prairie



This is Troy Taylor's website.  I am an area representative of the American Ghost Society for Northeast PA.  This site is highly recommended for its wealth of information on paranormal topics and organized tours.






I am a member of this organization and recommend visiting their website.




Ghost Village



I have published a number of articles on their website. It is informative, interesting, and I highly recommend this website.  Jeff is a well-known speaker, and has published a number of books.


Ghost Village News


Ghost Village Calendar of Events


Ghost Village Messageboard



New Jersey



I am a member of this organization and recommend visiting their website.




Coal Region



I have conducted a number of investigations with Tim.  He is a professional and well-informed investigator.




Central PA



I have conducted 2 investigations with Kevin, at Gettysburg, and the Elks Building, in Tamaqua, PA.




Rolling Hills



I conducted an investigation here in June 2005.  It has an interesting, multi-functional history with various paranormal phenomena reported there.




Ghosts of Gettysburg



This is Mark Nesbitt’s website.  The house has various documented paranormal activity.  I have heard Mark lecture on a number of topics.  He is always interesting and well-informed.




Maryland Paranormal Coalition



This is Vince Wilson’s website.  I have attended various investigations and workshops he had conducted.  His focus on ghost research is scientific and technologically-oriented.




Eastern State Penitentiary



I have conducted 2 paranormal investigations at this site.  A very interesting, atmospheric, and haunted site.




Farnsworth Bed & Breakfast



I have stayed here on a number of occasions since 1995.  Each time I have recorded a number of anomalies.  I have also conducted an overnight investigation there in March 2006.




American Battlefield



This is Patrick Burke’s site.  I attended a paranormal conference in Fredericksburg, VA in April 2006 organized by his group.  It was a well-organized and highly informative conference.  Patrick uses the intuitive method in research.  His teams are highly professional.



City of Winchester, Hampshire England



This is where I participated in my first archaeological excavation and my first paranormal investigation.  It was in 1969.  The summer of love at Woodstock, and my summer of discovery.  The town is seeped in hauntings and history.



City of San Antonio, Texas



I lived here for 1 year after completing graduate school. I found it a very haunting and captivating city.  It was a city ripe for my anthropological career.




City of New Orleans, Louisiana



I lived here for 3 years in the late 70’s and early 1980’s.  It was the city of surprises and mystery.  It was full of ghosts and voodoo.





City of Sante Fe, New Mexico



I had an enjoyable vacation here in 1997.  Complete with cooking school training, archaeological tours, and a paranormal investigation.  Great restaurants.




Ed Marston Collection



Ed Marston is an artist who paints Coal Breakers and other Coal Region scenes.  While conducting some paranormal surveys, I met Ed while he was sketching on the upper floor of the abandoned St. Nicholas Breaker near Mahanoy City, PA.


Check the gallery’s website and see Ed’s latest works.  They are his testament to the past, seen with an artist’s vision and archaeological “eye”.



Simon Marsden



Simon Marsen’s photographs are notable for three basic elements of a “spectral universe”. They can be characterized as:


1) – “Spooky”: These are locations that look “haunted”.

2) -  “Hauntingly Uncertain”:  They are located in places of history and antiquity where past dramatic performances are filled with mystery and doubt where present day boundaries are not clearly defined and perceived.

3) – “Ghostly”:  These are also locations where folklore, legend, and history suggest that ghosts continue to roam, enacting this photography of haunted locations says more about these places than any narrative could describe.  And there’s not an “orb” or other light anomaly in any of them!



Loren Eiseley



Loren Eiseley’s writings and poetry combine a mystical and haunting element than only an archaeological (and anthropological) “mindset” can produce.  They are also full of the spacio-temporal symmetry of a place combining elements of nature writing, history and supernatural elements presented in a poetic and thought-provoking manner.






Ghost World Conference 2007 - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - one huge paranormal conference and trade show!

Mysterious Maryland

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