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This is a list of the current field investigation research published on the web.

Ritual, Resonance, and Ghost Research: The Play in the Fields. By: John Sabol

Natural Selection and the Involution of the Gettysburg Ghosts. By: John Sabol

Theatre, Séance, and the Ghost Script: Performances at Haunted Locations. By: John Sabol

Ethnoarchaeoghostology: A Humanistic-Scientific Approach to the Study of Haunt Phenomena. By: John Sabol

Perceptual Stratigraphy: Making Sense of Ghostly Manifestations. By: John Sabol

Engagement and Data Analysis in Symmetrical Field Investigations: The Emics and Etics of Ghost Research. By: John Sabol

Meaning Of Halloween. From GhostVillage

Homan House, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: A Preliminary Report. By: John Sabol

Haunted Mahanoy Area

Homan House, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: Development of "Jeremy Ghost Script" and Framing Activities By: John Sabol

This is a list of currently unpublished articles:

Dynamic Symmetry of the Material Past: The Archaeology of Haunt Behavior

Conceptual Mediation and the Performance of Haunt Field Drama: Ethnoarchaeoghostology and Theater

Past Perfect: Communicative Competence An EVP Primer


Haunting Dramas: A Contextual History

Ghost Excavator: Unearthing the Drama of Life and "Life" after Death

Origins of C.A.S.P.E.R.

Silence is Golden: Ghostspeak and the Hidden Dimension of a Haunting

Unearthing the Track Period

The Ghost

Symmetrical Ghost Excavation: The Future of the Field (Work)

The Road Taken Back...To the Present: Memory and Performance in Ghost Research

Ghost Relativity and the Archaeological Imagination

One Step Beyond: Tactical Survey and Strategic Performance in C.A.S.P.E.R. Field Investigations

The Presence of Ghosts in Investigative Context

The Refleshing of a Haunting Discipline: Bringing the Skeleton out of the Closet and Reconstructing

Unearthing the Track Record of Residual Haunts

The Excavation of the Historical Present: A Reflection in the Mirror of Memories

The Ghost Excavation

Symmetrical Ethnoarchaeoghostology: Identifying the Basic Principles of Underlying the Excavation of a Haunt Drama

Ghosts and Hauntings: Some Archaeological Observations

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To build a better foundation for the study of ghost research.
"Unearthing the drama in the fields"

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