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C.A.S.P.E.R has a number of programs and services which represent specialized events and participatory modes of engagement.  The purpose of these programs and services is the ongoing continuous reiterations and reworking of materials, with the finality of acquiring evidential data in order to develop a research design for field investigations of these multiple applications of engagement and circulating referential processes moves towards a foal, a field of possibilities and an outcome:  a haunt behavioral paradigm.


These linkages can be added together and integrated only if we respect the mediating role of all the participants in the endeavor.  One’s participation and degree of involvement in these projects is based on a concept of interactional relativity.  Each individual (be they investigator or program service solicitor) shares equally in the evolution and development of this research methodology.  Each participant’s contribution then has equal importance.


The use and application of these programs and services constitute a series of inter-connecting linkages:  it is a compositional system to an ongoing and developing research document; a discussion medium for novices, professionals, and interested parties; a depository of field data and experiences; and a tool for collaboration between researchers, investigators, and those seeking information and/or solutions to problems or questions pertaining to ghostly and haunt phenomena.          Finally these engagements will be transformed into unique combinations (such as in anthropologist and plumber; an archaeologist and actor; a psychic-medium and a folklorist) and may help to create a template of standardization for field investigation and research methodology.


            The specialized educational programs at the C.A.S.P.E.R. Research Center consist of three elements:

            1. A – TV/Movie Script Material;

            1. B – Documentary Filmmaking Background and Historical Research Material;

            1. C – Individual Site Inquiry and Analysis (Haunted/Non-Haunted Locations)

The following programs packages are available (Code E)

E1. – Paranormal and Haunting Phenomena: An Anthropological Perspective

E2. – Ghostly Behavior, Resonance, and the Involution of Haunting Phenomena.

E3. – Principles of Haunt Field Deposition and Ghost Stratigraphy

E4. – S.P.I.R.I.T. Culture as an example of Chiasmatic Culture: Changing Perceptual Imagery at Haunted Locations.

E5. – Ghosts: Field Investigative techniques and Research

E6. – The Ethnography of a Haunting: Applications to Particular S.P.I.R.I.T. Cultures (please specify location)

E7. – Socio-technical Genealogical Relations

E8. – Textual vs. Material Hermeneutics: Mediation and engagement at haunted locations.

E9. – The Archaeology of Ghosts

E10. – History vs. Folklore: Socio-Cultural analysis of Haunted Location

E11. – Archaeology/Paranormal Integration and Matrixing: Survey and Excavation

E12. – Archaeological Engagements and Haunting Behavior

E13. - Ethnoarchaeoghostology: Principals of Fieldwork Methodology

E14. – Anthracite Coal Mining Ghost lore.

E15. – Folklore, Ethnic Tradition, and the Coal Mines.

E16. – Haunted Schuylkill County Pennsylvania.

E17. – Ghosts and Hauntings of the Molly Maguires.

E19. – Civil War Ghosts and Hauntings

E20. – Spectral Gettysburg: An Historical Perspective

E21. – Haunted S.I.M.S. (Stores Information Memory Sensory) Zones at Gettysburg (Please Specify Battlefield Intra-site Engagement).

E22. – Haunted Baltimore St., Gettysburg.


The specialized Investigative services consists of the following: (Residential/Commercial Buildings) (Code I)

I1. – S.P.I.R.I.T. Culture profiling for residential and commercial properties; undeveloped areas; open fields.

I2. – Haunting profile analysis and survey for real estate transactions and property acquisition appraisals.

I3. – Residential Haunt Stratagraphic analysis.

I4. – Structural modification/renovation analysis and implications for developing potential haunting phenomena.

I5. – Auditory survey, inventory, and documentation: “Natural Sounds” in residential and commercial properties.

I6. – “Noiseuses” Surveys: The documentation of auditory haunt phenomena.

I7. – Residential and Commercial video survey and documentation.

I8. – Residential mapping and Matrixing of “natural” and haunt sensory manifestations.

I9. – Peripatetic video/audio survey sweeps before/after renovation/structural modification: A Comparative analysis.

I10. – Media modes of engagement for archaeological and anthropological paranormal survey of commercial areas and private residences.

I11. – Video-Framed situational presentations:

            1.33. A – “Theatrical Sťances”/Ghost Scripts of deceased individuals and         residents at haunted locations.

            1.33. B – Historical Enactments,

I12. – Cultural translation of anomalous sensory manifestations and sensory assemblages (residential and commercial buildings)

I13. – Ethnoarchaeoghostological survey and excavation.


For more detailed description of any of these programs and services, please contact the research center by:


Email: cuicospirit@hotmail.com

Phone:  570-773-1277 (6:00-9:00 p.m. E.S.T)


All inquiries are strictly confidential. No names, addresses, or particulars, of any inquiry will be made public without prior authorization of all involved parties.


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