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Field Experimental Testing and Applications

The C.A.S.P.E.R. Research Center is also involved in a number of ongoing field projects these include (FT)



FT 1 – The testing of “trigger objects”, both stationary and “mobile” (such as olfactory smells – “herbs”) and framed situational activities (C.A.S.P.E.R. “Theatrical Sťance”)


FT 2 – Mapping the intensity of sensory assemblages at various S.I.M.S locations in relation to the locations construction phases.


FT 3 – The type and frequency of sensory manifestations in response to situationally-framed stimuli.


FT 4 – The testing of various ethno-historical scenographies, as inscription for the manifestation of haunt phenomena.


FT 5 – Material hermeneutics and data acquisition at haunted locations.


FT 6 – Various survey methodologies and the effectiveness in specific field applications (“Noiseuses”; peripatetic video).


FT 7 – Effectiveness of various reiterative practices, as individual or as a series of practices on apparitional behavioral patterns.


FT 8 – Effects of various forms of engagement on the interactiveness and intensity of sensory manifestations at haunted locations.


FT 9 – The relationship between type of engagement and the acquisition of data and evidential material.


FT 10 – The development of a typology of evidential field data.


FT 11 – A methodology for the observation and recording of meteorological and climatological field data.


FT 12 – An inventory and comparative analysis of anomalous visual manifestations.


FT 13 – A matrix analysis and comparison of measured (EMF thermal scans; etc.) and recorded (audio, photographic, video) field data.


FT 14 – A haunted site typology, defined by the measured/recorded matrix.  These types of experimental application would occur at those sites characterized as “haunted”, and based on multiple, independent sources, using various temporal parameters.  The haunting phenomena should also be contemporaneously active.




If any field investigator or researcher, or interested party, would like to participate, as a co-equal collaborator or referential specialist in any of the research center’s field experimental applications or programs, please contact us and state your particular interests and/or areas of expertise and field experience.  The C.A.S.P.E.R. Research Center and your organization (as individuals or groups) will share co-equally in the mediation of any participatory and/or engage endeavor that further enhances the scientific and professional investigation of haunting phenomena.


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