C.A.S.P.E.R Research Center

Research and Investigative Interests

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Research and Investigative Interests


The focus of the C.A.S.P.E.R. Research Center is defining the parameters of a hauntiography: How are we to representing hauntings as the material cultural remains of the past.  We are interested in:


  • Forms of media and personal engagements at field locations
  • Real time event/process of research and investigation
  • Hybridization of disciplines as a multivariate approach
  • Deep structural links:  Past cultures/ethnic traditions to contemporary cultural practices
  • Haunt Script Development
  • Performance-based investigations
  • Theatre and Ethnoarchaeoghostology
  • Fields of Influence and Haunt Strata depositional processes
  • Social programming, “blogging”, and wiki-wiki development
  • Photography and Ethnoarchaeoghostology
  • Peripatetic Video Surveys
  • “Noiseuses” Audio Surveys
  • Moral Delegation and Mediation
  • Evidential “Trustworthiness”
  • Development of a ghost and Haunt Behavior Paradigm
  • Field Metrology Studies at Haunted Locations
  • Cultural Bricolage Transformation and their Implications to Ghost Research
  • “Think Map” Visualization, Haunt Matrixing and Networks

"We excavate your haunts"
To build a better foundation for the study of ghost research.
"Unearthing the drama in the fields"

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