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I am a ghost excavator. I was born in the hard coal mining region of Northeast Pa, and grew up hearing about stories of the mines. But there are easier ways into the earth than mining, and there are passages that run deeper. These mine fields are full of drama and emotion. This mine, inside all of us, is easier and, to many of us, largely unexplored. Too much time is spent, and wasted, on mundane trivial things. People usually end their exploration when the burden of everyday activities beings to dominate their lives. Dreams developed in childhood soon become dormant and slowly die. Is that why most haunting manifestations involve routine trivial and habitual activities? Are we prisoners to a continuing search for that lost dream? Is that why we conduct "watches" at haunted sites? Are we too "tired" to continue exploring? Have we " given up the ghost"? Let the technology do the work for us. Isn’t that what scientific achievements and "progress" create? What it does create is that less and less people do the creating, because less and less people seek to continue to explore the inner caverns of their mines and minds. Today’s ghost "hunters" are a good example. They don’t explore. They take photos, ask general questions targeting no one in particular, push the buttons - " record and measure mechanics", without emotional effort. And, like collectors they exhibit the results, usually without contextual parameters or background info being cited. C.A.S.P.E.R is not like this. It was born in mine country. We explore and excavate. We try to penetrate the layers of accumulated ghostly fields. We enter the inner recesses of past events and activities and attempt to understand the meaning of, and reasons for, the repetitions of these haunting memories and/ or continuing interactions with the past.

So come join us. We certainly are not arm-chair, inactive investigators. We do not watch and wait. We travel to the past, and communicate and interact with it. That past is a different country, as different as the mines are different from the surface: They do things differently there! The trek into these "minds" of the past contain more features than one lifetime can realize. Our time is limited, and as Loren Eiseley once said:


"The journey is difficult, immense at times, impossible, yet that will not deter some of us from attempting it. We have joined the caravan, you might say, at a certain point; we will travel as far as we can. But we cannot in one lifetime, see all that we would like to see or to learn all that we hunger to know"

 - The Immense Journey


Ghost Excavations give you this opportunity to explore worlds one would not ordinarily encounter in an individual lifetime. So come, join us, see for yourselves, and learn about the "ghosts" in your past!


This website is dedicated to/for ghost researchers/excavators. We do not exhibit "collections" or individual "ghost photos" or EVP recordings of "ghost voices" without proper contextual references and recorded under "controlled" conditions that are clearly and accurately noted.

We do offer a forum for serious investigators who would like to communicate with other who believe that the investigation of "hauntings" is an important and "worthy"  pursuit. The data accumulated over the centuries, reinforces this assertion. As Peter Underwood has stated; (Past President of the Ghost Club, oldest/most respected of British Investigating Organizations)"There is overwhelming evidence from widely varied sources and in different circumstances, climatic conditions, and fluctuating degrees of light that suggest conclusively that honest people with healthy minds in healthy bodies do see ghosts". He further states "There is simply too much evidence over too wide an area and over too long a time span for it all to be dismissed out of hand"

We welcome all your comments, observations,  critiques, and research "findings". Communication is the key to understanding. The lack of  same can only lead to that darkness found in the "mines" when the lights are extinguished, and the excavators are not at work. Help us, help others, seek and explore the mines (and mind) of the past.


This is C.A.S.P.E.R's goal. We do more than "mine" the past, we excavate. We do more then "exhibit". We try to explain, and when we encounter paranormal phenomena,  we continue to "mine it", explore it as a unique experience, an actual ghost from the past. We continue to excavate until we begin to understand the reasons for our experience and what we had perceived.




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If you need to contact us to investigate any haunting, paranormal or anomalous activity please give us a call or email us.  All information is strictly confidential and there is no charge for any of our services.


"If in doubt call us to find out what it’s all about"


"We excavate your haunts"
To build a better foundation for the study of ghost research.
"Unearthing the drama in the fields"

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