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The Drama in the Fields


In this region of black and gray, amid the grime of coal dust, and soot, the ghosts stand out, especially in the snow. This is a haunted landscape. . . This is anthracite country.

Snow Ghost: The Origins of C.A.S.P.E.R

The sky is a flood of falling flakes
Variations within similarities of white
A swirling sensory bombardment
Resonating echoes throughout the landscape
Blinding. . . Revealing
Yet directed.

An indifferent descent of broken dreams,
lost memories, and ghostly thoughts.
Beneath. . .
Within the calm cludder. . . something fresh, yet old.
There lingers a memory
A stirring field. . . A feeling of recurring patterns.
Change within repitition . . beauty. . uniqueness amongst similarity. . .
A past refreshed.
And there, in the twilight of a life
A spark ignites. . . and reawakes
Slowly, gently melting the snow cap above.

A breath of hope?
Something. . . someone recalled?
Amid all the decay and silence
A final call. . . A gasp of desperation?
One last exhale? Before. . .
Floating on as a misty cloud on final farewell?
Or. . . Then!
A signal to the observantly sensitive
That nothing completely ends.
Merely a continuous cylical movement
of change within repition.
Repeating. . .
Voices continually transmitting
Largely unnoticed . . . yet there.
As messages
fade in and out amid a blanket of white noise.
Repeating. . .
To no one in particular
Waiting. . .
For a response, largely unanswered.
As we move along, all snow-blinded!


John Sabol
Founder, Principal Investigator
C.A.S.P.E.R Research Center
April 2006

"We excavate your haunts"
To build a better foundation for the study of ghost research.
"Unearthing the drama in the fields"

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