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The C.A.S.P.E.R Research Center has been a participating investigative organization in a new documentary film from Exspiro Productions.  The documentary concerns the “interactions” between popular culture, the media, belief, the scientific community, and paranormal investigation.


Exspiro Productions is planning a new documentary concerning investigative techniques in paranormal research in the near future.


Please see their website http://www.exspiroproductions.com/  for more details.

The Gettysburg Ghost Research Project
- The Homan House Hauntings
- The Farnsworth House
- Little Round Top
- The Trolly Bed
- The Bliss Farm
- Culp's Hill
- Big Round Top
- Area of Company B Marker/Stonewall (20th Maine)
- Triangular Field
- Rose Farm
- The Wheatfield

Etnoarchaeghostological Reports

Report I: Preliminary finds at the Homan House: A strategraphic analysis of multiple hauntings.

Report II: The Farnsworth House: A Preliminary anaylsis of residual and apparitional haunts.
Report III: The Jeremy Haunting:  A Preliminary Comparative Analysis.
Newspaper Articles
Published Articles in Science Journals
Field Investigative Reports
(in preparation)
St. Catherine's Hill, Winchester, Hampshire 1969.
Winchester Cathedral, Winchester 1969
Private Residence, 123 Miramar Cuatitlan Izcalli, Edo De Mexico, Mexico 1988
Private Residence, Lomas De Chapultepec, Mexico City 1989
United States
St. Louis Cemetery No.2, New Orleans, 1978
Private Residence, Midtown, New Orleans 1979
New Mexico
La Posada Hotel, Sante Fe 1997
La Residencia (St. Vincent Hospital), Sante Fe 1997
New York
Rolling Hills Asyulm, Bethany 2005
Yellow House Hotel, Berks County 1994
Railroad House, Marietta 1996
Logan Inn, New Hope 1997
Jim Thorpe Jail, Jim Thorpe 1998
Jim Thorpe Opera House, Jim Thorpe 1999
Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia 2005/2006
St. Joseph's Lithuanian Cemetery, Schuylkill County 2005/2006
St. Nicholas Breaker, Schuylkill County 2006
O'Donnell House, Wiggins Patch 2006
Peddlers Grave, Schuylkill County 2006
Tamaqua Elks Building, Tamaqua 2006

South Dakota

Ethnoarchaeoghostological Survey of Davidson Hanson, Hutchinson County 1977




Private Residence, Knoxville 1976




St. Anthony Hotel, San Antonio 1977


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