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  • We now offer a video recording of the recurring phenomenon in your home (or on your property) that is a record of possible past haunting uncertainties of human behavior that may still be occurring there. These manifestations may occur in the form of residuals and/or interactive elements.


  • We do this recording through on-site investigative performances that are culturally/historically accurate to your location (and its former occupants).
    • During these investigative performances, we record the manifestations of haunting dramas that may be contained in the past personal spaces of your home – which may or may not conform to today’s physical structure or room layout.


  • This recording is done through no-evasive physical archaeological excavations of your “haunted” house of location.


  • The procedure involves the identification of the following scenario:
    • “If, a give situation or event occurred here, then there are a limited number of possible haunting uncertainties”.


  • We investigate these uncertainties by establishing a frame of excavation. We “layout” a “grid” of performative acts in particular social spaces of your location. This “framing” is meant to address the following:
    • What type of presence is occurring?
    • When does it occur?
    • How is it manifesting? And…
    • Where is it manifesting?


  • The investigation involves a series of theatrical “rehearsed” performances (or “ghosting” techniques) which are meant to create a “stratigraphy of profiles” (past cultural responses to our investigative practices) that will locate haunting uncertainties in specific spaces of your home or business.


  • These rehearsals are meant to change the haunting uncertainty of a given space into the probability of a ghostly certainty in that space. The certainty is achieved through the establishment of a “history” of meaningful relationships between the investigative team and any individual entities, if they are manifesting as an interactive presence.


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Not all investigative excavations produce a haunting certainty of an interactive presence

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