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Historical Research Section

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This section consists of research on the following elements of the site:



1) - The review of the occupational history of a haunted location:  Who lived there, the familiar social situation and relationships; How long did they live there; Aspects of the occupation (events, activities, and habitual patterns that occurred during each occupational phase).


2) - The cultural tradition of the occupants divided into the most important PMS (Primary Message Systems) that influenced the activities at the location.


3) - The architectural history of the location including the internal spatial dynamics as they relate to the occupational history.


4) - The changing room functions (if any) at the location.


5) - The changing building functions (if any) at the location.


6) The changing semi-fixed features and decor (if any) at the location.


7) - Any external physical modifications to the area surrounding the location that occurred prior to, during, and after the haunting ceased.


8) - Any socio-cultural events external to the location that had an effect on the internal dynamics of the occupants.


9) - Any significant prior history at the location of paranormal activity.


10) - Local folklore/tales that relate to the location or the area surrounding it.


11) - Prior paranormal activity (including the history) of its immediate area.


12) - Summary of witnesses/secondary accounts relative to the hauntings.



All of these components would be investigated by the research team during a contracted inquiry.  However, any of these components may be individually contracted by family members, organizations, or other investigators to fit specific needs or field projects.  All inquires should be directed to: cuicospirit@hotmail.com



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