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Here you can find links to information about  the proposed NHHS commuter rail line.....and links to elected officials' web pages.


Online Petition

Massachusetts Executive Office

Write your Congressional Representative

Of Interest

#1 Rated Commuter Rail: The Downeaster

Myth vs. Reality on Highway "User Taxes" and Subsidies

National Corridors Initiative's "Walking On Water: The Status of Rail Corridor Development in The United States"

About the NHHS Line

PVACR Members Page

Economic Impact Report

Gateway Cities

The New England Council's Spotlight on Regional Rail

Map of Proposed Route


Hartford Business Journal June 2007 Visionary Commuter Rail

Business West May 2006 Commuter Rail is on Track

Urban Compass article on Governor's Conversation

Let us know if there are any web sites that you enjoy and we'll consider including them on this page!

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