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We're glad you're 
interested in
commuter rail.

We believe commuter rail will have tremendous economic and environmental benefits for the Pioneer Valley Region.  The PVACR members refuse to let the proposed New-Haven-Hartford-Springfield commuter rail proposal get de-railed!
We would like to get as many people involved in advocacy--from as simple as talking to friends and neighbors, to writing letters to Mayors, Councilors, state legislators or members of Congress.   

Visit our blog to track and comment about rail's progress.

From inside Union Station Liberty Street
photo by RMT

All Pioneer Valley residents are invited to join.

PVACR's organization page

Email us for more information. 

Holyoke rail needs rejuvenation, too.
Photo of Holyoke tracks from Nick Caruso (with permission)

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.

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