Khan Tiki Mon's Bar & Lounge

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Welcome to Khan Tiki Mon's Bar & Lounge. This webpage will chart the progress, or lack thereof, in the creation of my Tiki Bar & Lounge.

What is Tiki?

Tiki is also known as Polynesian Pop. Soldiers returning from World War II and the Pacific theater came back with tales of islands, and lagoons, and grass skirts. Tiki influenced art, architecture, music, food, and certainly drink. Thus the Tiki lounge with its' exotic fare was born. Unfortunately the 60s killed the Tiki lounge scene. By the time I was off to college the scourge we now know as disco had stained the landscape. I have been collecting Tiki for a couple of years. At first it was just Tiki mugs but the mugs need (no they demand) a place to reside. And so my wife allows the 'Tiki' room. The definition of Tiki that I like the most is the one my daughter came up with. We were at a friends house and my wife referred to the 'Tiki' room. "What's that?" And my daughter said, "You see the loud Hawaiian shirt that my Dad's wearing? In the Tiki room that's camouflage."

Why a Tiki bar?

The pursuit of Tiki has become somewhat of an obsession for me. Sometimes it seems I don't know what I'm looking for. Escape maybe. James Michener said "-- In an age of anxiety men seek a refuge. Because of some deep urge, constant throughout history, troubled men traditionally dream of islands, possibly because the smallness of an island invites the illusion that here the complexities of continental societies can be avoided, or at least controlled. This is a permanent, world-wide dream." As I close in on a half century here I find that things have not become as clear as I might have thought or hoped they would have. I think Michener got it exactly right. I'm building my own little island. My little Tiki lounge is a place where I can retreat when all the crap weighs on me so much that I don't think I can even breathe another minute. My Tiki lounge is an attempt to create a physical manifestation of that island ideal. It's my safe haven.

Khan Tiki Mon?
Khan Tiki Mon is my Tiki alter ego. My monicker of choice is in part a nod to Thor Heyerdahl and his adventure with the Kon Tiki. At some times during my Tiki quest I have had undeserved thoughts of grandeur. Khan is a ruler of a tribe and it sounds like Kon so you put the two together and you have Khan Tiki. Many a summer I have vacationed on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. My two favorite bar /restaurants there are the Rundown Cafe and Mama Kwan's Tiki Bar. I do characterize the Rundown as a Tiki bar (not everyone would agree). It has large Tikis outside, Tiki sconces in the dining room, and the upstairs bar is called the Tsunami Lounge. It is however distinctively Jamaican inspired (the signature dish, Rundown soup, is a Jamaican fish soup with sweet potatoes - delicious!). My other favorite haunt, Mama Kwan's, describes their cuisine as Jawaiian; a blend of Jamaican and Hawaiian. So, in an attempt to sound a little Jamaican I came up with Khan Tiki Mon.

Who is Khan Tiki Mon?

I come from a land of sometime ice and snow where we dream of warmer climes. I collect Tiki; Tiki mugs, Coco Joe's, Tiki artwork, and other Tiki ephemera. At present my primary raison d'etre is building my Tiki bar and lounge. I am building my Tiki bar and lounge both in the real world and here in the virtual world. Both are a work in progress. By day I used to work for a large multinational soul crushing corporation. I sold my soul for the coin provided by the Evil Empire. I didn't start out working for a multinational corporation. That soulless behemoth devoured the company I worked for; and so I toiled in a cubicle in the belly of that beast. What I did there was never who I was. I didn't choose to define myself by my occupation. I have broken the shackles of the Evil Empire and now choose to live a free man. While scars on the soul may never fade hopefully time and rum will cause memory of the pain to recede. From here forward I am sole proprietor of Khan Tiki Mon’s Bar and Lounge. In that position I wear many hats; mixologist, artist, chef, historian, curator, webmaster, dishwasher, pool-boy, dogwalker and gardener to name just a few. I am happily married and have been for 30 years (to the same woman no less). I have 3 children, 1 grandson, and 1 granddaughter. I am Khan Tiki Mon to some and just Scott to others...

How many page visits have there been in November?


Khan Tiki Mon in front of Mama Kwan's Tiki bar in Kill Devil Hills, Outer Banks, North Carolina.


Wicked cool virtual Khan Tiki Mon from my buddy Scott.


Khan Tiki Mon and his traveling Mai Tai fountain. Before the purists jump all over me no it's not a real Mai Tai and yes I know they're too pink. Works in the fountain though.

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