The CCS650DR Series Carburetor is a afforable 650 CFM Drag Racing carburetor. All componets are American Made in the USA


* All Light Weight Aluminum Componets

* CNC Metering Blocks and Base Plates

* Four Hole Adjutable Emulsion
* Fully Machined Metering Block Surface
* Four Corner Idle Curcuit

We can Build each Carburetor to fit your specific needs. Contact us with your needs and we can work with you on the Carburetor specifications.


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Every CCS Carburetor is assemble in house.

Brand: CCS Performance 
Part Number: CCS 650DR
Number of Barrels: 4
Carburetor Flange: Square bore
Choke: None
Fuel: Gasoline
Secondary Type: Mechanical
New or Remanufactured: New
Fuel Inlet: Dual
CFM: 650
Primary Jet Size: 71
Primary Power Valve (Hg): 4.5 Hg
Secondary Jet Size: 79
Primary Outer Air Bleed Sizes Included: 70
Primary Inner Air Bleed Sizes Included: 41
Secondary Power Valve: Plug
Secondary Outer Air Bleed Sizes Included: 70
Secondary Inner Air Bleed Sizes Included: 41
Carburetor Finish: Tumble polished
Ford Kickdown: No
Booster Type: Down-leg
Throttle Linkage Type: Universal
Quantity: Sold individually

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