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The website is still being constructed, so several of the pages are not accessible.  HOWEVER, the LORENZELLI LIBRARY IS ONLINE!!  All who have requested membership will receive their passwords THIS WEEK which will allow them access to the online literature.  Every few days, more books will be added to the library.  So check back often!  
To all who have written the Society concerning membership or the DISPUTATIO forum and have not yet received a response, we will email you as soon as possible.  Promoting our Society has hindered a rapid email response rate and so we ask your patience. 
Since this temporary website went online just a few weeks ago we have received membership requests and offers of assistance from all over the world.  Thank you for your support and we hope to have you as a member!
-The Schoolmen

~Welcome to the temporary website of the Society of Schoolmen~
We are a fledgling foundation commited to restoring the philosophic doctrines, didactic principles, and scientific synthesis of the greatest masters of the medieval universities, the Scholastics.  We hold Thomas of Aquin above all other philosophers as the most perfect thinker among the Scholastics and we apply ourselves to renewing the great tradition of Thomistic Philosophy forged by his Commentators throughout the centuries.    
Most of this temporary website is yet under construction, and so we ask your patience.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Calling all Thomistic Journalists!
Any Scholastic Thomists with a background in journalism or marketing are invited to inquire after our newest project, the SALAMANCA GUILD.  More information to follow...
8:18 am est

Disputed Questions on . . . line
In association with the Ite ad Thomam forum, next week we will begin the first ever online Scholastics disputations.  See the "what's new" page for more details, and sign up today!
8:11 am est

Thursday, July 19, 2007

To All Prospective Members
All who have requested Simple Membership in the Society will be receiving their application within the next few days.  After being accepted, passwords will be issued that grant access to the Members section of the website.
11:45 pm est

The Society introduces its Scholastic Seal of Approval.
See the "What's New" page for details!
10:46 pm est

News and Updates Page
For now, all details of the latest Societal news can be found on the "What's New" page.
10:43 pm est


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"One system of philosophy alone, amidst the incessant endeavours of the many systems through centuries to investigate the inmost mysteries of reality, has been able to stand without modification in its fundamental tenets, and this is the philosophy of St. Thomas.  Today its stability and breadth is such that it serves as an excellent basis and principle of unification for all the results of philosophical speculation reached by the various sciences of modern times.  We are convinced, and in this we feel confident we are not mistaken, that all who have the courage to pursue his philosophy to the bottom and follow its logical conclusions will agree with us that concerning the analysis of the activity and processes of the mind, concerning the inner nature of body, living being and man, concerning the foundations of speculative science and ethical philosophy, no other man has even thought and written with the power of St. Thomas Aquinas."  -D. Mercier


Coming soon for members!
The Cardinal Lorenzelli Memorial Library.  Your online source for rare and LONG out of print Scholastic books, manuals, and essays.
Members will have access to all the literature in .pdf format.
Authors will include John of St. Thomas, Capreolus, Hugon, Mercier, Gredt, and, of course, Lorenzelli.
To see a sample from our anticipated book list, CLICK HERE.

No matter your age or background, if you are a philosopher committed to the Scholastic ideals of Thomism, the Society of Schoolmen wants you!
High Schoolers, College Students, Professionals, Armchair Philosophers! Send us an email and ask how you can help with the Scholastic Revival