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(5) Note on the Tablature Volume and Ophee'sTablature Fiction

1. A few words about the tablature volume. 

I devised a method of deriving the tablatures directly from Ward's approved grand staff transcrptions. Ward at first refused to assist in proof reading the tablatures, and so I enlisted the assistance of Pat O'Brien and Paul O'Dette.  David Dolata had checked some of the the earlier pages.  When I received corrections, I collated them and sent them on to Ward for his approval. Although I had not been paid in full for my work and would have been justified in withholding the tablatures, I hoped at least lutenists would have an accurate tablature to use, since it had been so carefully proofread. Matanya signed a receipt (#P 871 446 263) for the tablature proofs on January 10, 1994, four months before the Johnson edition was issued. 

I saw Pat at the summer lute seminar, and much to my amazement, he complained about all of the mistakes in the tablature. Even his students were telling him about them, and he considered it a professional embarrassment to be named as a proofreader.  When I returned home, I checked the Xerox of the proofs I had sent, and there were by my count 141 mistakes.  And EVERY SINGLE MISTAKE HAD BEEN MARKED FOR CORRECTION IN THE PROOFS I HAD SENT TO MATANYA

The bastard hadn't entered the corrections from the proofs!  It would have taken him less than an hour, and his office boy could have done the work.

Paul O'Dette, Pat O'Brien, David Dolata, John Ward and I spent so many hours proofreading the tablatures.  How often does a publisher get that kind of talent? Only to treat their work on his behalf with contempt.

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2. A Tablature Fiction
This is the tablature for the "Long Pavan" which Ophee claims I failed to provide. It was sent via e-mail on August 8, 1993, along with the files for consecutive tablature pages 14 through 27.  Since it is on numbered pages, there was no need to repaginate, even if the file was missing, which it wasn't.  In fact the entire tablature volume is published exactly as I submitted it, although I had marked a few pages that needed to be reformatted, e.g., 11, 19-21.  (Except, as noted above, the corrected proofs were ignored!)
He claimed that he had to make the tablature, and re-paginate the tablature volume to make up for the missing page.  That is false.  He reformatted my work and claimed it as his own.  He wrote on the attached tablature, 
 John, this is my attempt to resurrect the missing tablature for the Long Pavan.  ... I base on Arthur string numbers in the guitar. ... Do look this over. I now have a problem with pagination . . .  
My work is used in the tablature volume exactly as I submited it in files T25A and T25B (below), the top and bottem halves of page 25.  He was simply attempting to ingratiate himself, and suggest prowess as a music typographer. He hasn't the slightest notion how I derived the tablature from the grand staff transcriptions. (It was rather complicated.)  There are several unusual ciphers that could not be determined from the guitar transcription, but only from using my work. (See meas. 45-46, and meas. 3.)
"His" tablature page was included with the original letter, but is omitted from the version on his web page.  Also attached were the two bandora pieces, complete with all the mistakes, about which I comment elsewhere. (See (2) Critique: Strato-Bandora / Unplayable Notation)


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