Lute Works of Ser Marco dall'Aquila: Opera Omnia

Libro Quarto (Transcription)

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Libro quarto:
Ricercari di Parodia e
Fantasie nell'anno 1536


 54. Ricercar sopra L'autre jour je vis (fa)

 55. L'autre jour je vis par ung matin (fa)

 56. Fantasia (Ricercar) (Fa)

 57. Ricercar sopra Vous usurpes

               di Sandrin (sol)

 58. Vous usrupes, dames (Sandrin) (sol)

 59. Fantasia sopra Vous usurpes

               di Sandrin (sol)

60. Fantasia (Sol) (posted 4/2010)


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Here is the fantasia called "con misure di  restringement"  This fantasia takes its name from a passage towards the end in which the "Marco Motive" is heard three-fold, each with shorter phrase lengths, "shrinking measures," so to speak.  It appears at a concluding section, dynamicaly rounding out the movement.  I've never seen anything like this in lute music, but with Marco it comes not as a surprise, given his fascination with rhythmic and metrical effects. See measures 110-142, and the précise at the end.
(No. 60, not 61)



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