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Sor Mozart Variations, Op. 9
Notation Mistakes: A CRITICAL REVIEW to Johnson Edition and Chilesotti Lauten-Buch
Open Letter to Paul O'Dette

The Courtesan Charolaise
playing a guitar by
luthier to Louis XIV

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See "Johnson Exx."


The "Hellgate Blackguard" Richard Barry,
7th Earl of Barrymore, 
and his Brothers, "A Newgate Scrub"
and "A Cripplegate Monster."
The bust represents the Duke of Wales
Richard Barry's buddy in mischief
(later George IV)

Sept 2007: I have added many editional facsimiles of the Mozart theme for Sor's Op. 9 to illustrate use of an English version (Away with Melancholy, the "response" to a song by the notorious Richard Barry, the 7th Earl of Barrymore, pictured above): 
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