I embarked on this project when I realized how difficult it is sometimes to collect all volumes of some multi-volume book. More often then not when one sees a book online on the subject he or she is interested in, it turns out to be, say, History of This-and-That, in ten volumes, volume VII. Another reason is that my collection of bookmarks grew out of proportions and became almost unusable. In addition I draw inspiration from the very useful meta-book – collection of works of W.H. Prescott and W. Robertson I found on The Online Books Page (see below).

I found these online libraries to be most helpful in my searches for books:
Internet Archive
Hathi Trust
The Online Books Page
Open Library
Google books search
Project Gutenberg

Fair warning: Most of the books on this shelf is literature of the first class, written by the historians of world renown. A few books here have been written by less known authors, but on very fascinating subjects. This stuff is very addictive. It can change your cultural and entertainment preferences, your religious and political affiliations. The risk to get addicted is higher if you like the writings of Sir Walter Scott, Alexander Dumas – father, and others of this kind.

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