January 17, 2014

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Due to Verizon doing away with Personal Web Space, this website will be going away very shortly. I had originally decided to stop publishing the Fishing Report, but have been persuaded by many readers to continue writing it.

One reader, Steven Kellett, has stepped up to the plate and set up a new website to carry the Fishing Report. All readers of the Fishing Report owe him a debt of gratitude for his assistance.

All Fishing Reports for the current year will also be archived on the site. In addition, there will be articles on fishing and my fishing excursions. Hopefully, these will be of interest to all readers.

Check out the new website at: www.charlietaylorfishing.com

This will be the last report posted to this website.





FISHING REPORT                           By Charlie Taylor

OVERVIEW - Anglers are reminded to be very careful while boating on the waters of the state, as some lakes and rivers are at least partially frozen over. Running into an ice floe while boating at speed could seriously damage your boat and throw occupants out onto the ice or into the water. The ice will also obscure partially floating debris in the water. Remember to wear lifejackets.

POTOMAC RIVER - D.C. - Currently, the river is high, muddy and cold. With temperatures in the low to mid 40's by the end of the week, bass should be available in shallow water, adjacent to dropoffs, only in the late afternoon after the sun has warmed the water. Small jigs, Silver Buddies and soft plastic baits should be the better choice of lures.

POTOMAC RIVER - BELOW WOODROW WILSON BRIDGE - "Trash Point" in the mouth of Mattawoman Creek is producing some good fish on plastic grubs, fished on Mustad Finacky Power Lock Hooks. The Morgantown Power Plant discharge is still attracting large schools of stripers. These fish are generally small, with few approaching 18 inches. The fish are taking 1/2 ounce bucktails and four inch Sassy Shads on 1/2 ounce jig heads. Toss one of these baits into the outside edge of the swirling waters, allow it to sink to the bottom, bounce it along with the tide and hang on. If the commercial netters have left any at all, the stripers will do the rest.

OCCOQUAN RIVER - The river is high, but fish may be caught along the rock wall just above the Route 1 Bridge. Senkos and Silver Buddies are the best producing baits. Shallow water on the North side of the river will hold fish in the late afternoons, after the sun has warmed the water.

OCCOQUAN RESERVOIR - The main lake points downlake are still producing good fish for those patient anglers fishing the Fairfax County side of the lake in the afternoons. Jig 'n pig and Silver Buddies are producing well. Crappie are suspended over the creek and old river channels. Small Beetle Spins and jigging spoons are taking the fish.

BURKE LAKE - No anglers or catches reported.

POTOMAC RIVER - UPPER - The mouth of the Dickerson power plant warm water discharge canal continues to produce good numbers of smallmouth bass, walleye, tiger muskie and channel catfish. The smallmouth prefer small plastic grubs in smoke or black, while the other fish are taking nightcrawlers, cut bait or live minnows.

RAPPAHANNOCK RIVER - Catfish are being taken from the deeper holes in the river channel on cut bait, in the lower portions of the river. Bass action is very slow. Some crappie are being caught in the feeder creeks below Fredericksburg. Perch are in the lower reaches of the river, along with a few stripers.

SHENANDOAH RIVER - No anglers or catches reported.

LAKE ANNA - Largemouth bass are hanging on the main lake points and steep dropping banks. Most of the fish are being taken from 10-14 feet of water and are suckers for jig 'n pig, plastic grubs and live jumbo minnows. The best area appears to be the Dyke 3 area of the lake. The bass being taken on the jumbo minnows average 4-6 pounds, but are only available to patient, persistent anglers. Striper fishing is fair to good, with fish averaging 8-14 pounds being taken near the dam and around the mouth of Sturgeon Creek. Live shad and jumbo minnows are the preferred baits, although some success is reported on bucktails, Hopkins and Kastmaster spoons, and Silver Buddies. Crappie are biting well, but are difficult to find. Most are being found over deep brushpiles. Small minnows are the best bait. Small Hopkins spoons, jigged over brushpiles are also producing good catches of perch and crappie, along with some smaller bass.

MATTAPONI/PAMUNKEY RIVERS - Some catfish are being caught by bank anglers, with an occasional yellow perch taking small hooks. The yellow perch run should start in earnest this week.

JAMES RIVER - The only news from the James this week is the continued catches of big blue and flathead catfish. These fish are being taken on strips of cut shad and cut eel, around the outflow from the Dutch Gap Power Plant and at the Comstock area of Swift Creek. Some crappie are being taken by anglers fishing the barge pits and around the islands at Dutch Gap. Stripers are also in the area, but must be released.

LAKE CHESDIN - Crappie and a few bass continue to hit very well around the Namozine Creek Bridge, while crappie are also hitting around the Whippernock Creek Bridge. Minnows and small jigs are working best.

LITTLE CREEK RESERVOIR - Bass are coming up into shallow water in the afternoon, taking jerk baits, white spinnerbaits and jigs. The 43 degree water is also giving up crappie to two pounds and stripers to nine pounds. The fish seem to be holding at 8-10 feet on points and in sunny coves.

CHICKAHOMINY RIVER - Crappie and yellow perch are hitting medium minnows around Walkers Dam. Some 1-2 pound largemouth bass are being caught on small plastic grubs and worms at the mouths of feeder creeks. Catfish action is good on cut bait.

CHICKAHOMINY LAKE - Good catches of bass and yellow perch in the lake, primarily on live minnows.

BACK BAY - Light pressure in the creeks. Anglers are taking some small bass, white perch, crappie and catfish. West Neck Creek is giving up good strings of bluegills on nightcrawlers.

SUFFOLK LAKES - Western Branch anglers are catching "tons" of large roe-laden yellow perch. Stripers to six pounds and loads of crappie are also reported. Lake Prince anglers report a few bass and crappie. Lake Whitehurst is producing channel catfish, crappie to one pound, largemouth bass, 3-5 pounds, and a few walleye. Lake Smith anglers are having considerable success with Shad Raps, taking walleye, 2-5 pound bass and crappie. Lake Whitehurst reports crappie fishing is excellent and some large pickerel are being caught.

LAKE GASTON - Very few anglers are out, but those who brave the cold are reporting good fishing. Crappie catches are excellent for anglers fishing live minnows 8-12 feet deep around bridge pilings and submerged brush. A few bass are being taken by anglers fishing live shad along steep dropping points in the Poplar Creek area. Dark colored jig 'n pig combinations are responsible for largemouth bass catches in 3-7 feet of water during the warmer spells. Striper fishing is good to excellent below the Gaston Dam, while a few large fish are being taken in front of the dam. Live shad is the bait of choice, but bucktails, Sassy Shads and Redfins are producing below the dam and trolled Hot Spots and Redfins are working above the dam.

BUGGS ISLAND LAKE - Striper fishing is good with live bait and 3/8 ounce bucktails producing the better catches. One of the better areas is around the Rudds Creek Bridge. Largemouth bass are favoring the main lake gravel points and may be caught on 10+ crankbaits in shad colors, and large spinnerbaits. Crappie are holding above brushpiles in 10-15 feet of water.

BRIERY CREEK & SANDY RIVER RESERVOIRS - Anglers are catching slot bass at both lakes on live minnows, along with some crappie and bream. The bream are being caught on crappie jigs and red wigglers.

SMITH MOUNTAIN LAKE - Quite a few stripers in the 10-15 pound class, along with an occasional 20+ pounder, are being caught by anglers jigging Hopkins spoons and bucktails off the main lake points, in 10-25 feet of water. Best action is in the late afternoon and evening. Largemouth and smallmouth bass are being caught on jigs, grubs and live bait.

SMITH RIVER - Brown trout are hitting brown Hackle Peacocks, weighted and fished deep. Mayflies are coming off the water, producing good fishing for catch and release anglers.

LAKE MOOMAW - Fishing is very disappointing on the lake. Catch and release anglers are taking some nice trout on the Jackson River below the lake. Best success is coming on tiny dry flies.

PHILPOTT LAKE - A few anglers are braving the cold to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass on jig 'n pig, fished 5-25 feet deep, & Hopkins Shorties, jigged 30-45 feet deep. The bass run to five pounds. Some nice walleye are also being caught.

SOUTH HOLSTON RESERVOIR - A few crappie and smallmouth bass are reported. No consistent pattern.

CLAYTOR LAKE - Lots of anglers are on the water, with fair to good catches of smallmouth bass and stripers to 18 pounds.

SALTWATER - The large stripers have just about left the area. Most of the fish being caught are south of Virginia Beach, along the shore. Action is beginning on black sea bass and blueline tilefish on the deep ocean wrecks off Virginia Beach.